Watch Amos Decker Series In Order

The Alex Cross series is a popular collection of books and movies about a detective psychologist named Alex Cross. It’s known for its thrilling plots and complex characters. Fans often want to watch or read the series in order to get the full experience.

In this article, we will discuss how to watch the Alex Cross series in order. We’ll guide you through the movies and suggest the best order to enjoy the storyline and character development.

Understanding Amos Decker Series In Order

The Amos Decker series is a popular collection of books written by David Baldacci. This series follows the story of Amos Decker, a man with a perfect memory, which helps him solve crimes. The books are exciting and full of mysteries that keep readers hooked from start to finish.

Starting with Memory Man, the series introduces us to Decker’s unique ability after a tragic event changes his life. As you move through the books, you’ll see how his memory plays a key role in cracking cases. The series is easy to follow, making it enjoyable for everyone.

Each book builds on the last, creating a deeper understanding of the characters and unfolding new twists. Reading them in order helps you get the full experience and enjoy the growth of Amos Decker as a character.

Complete Amos Decker Series

  • Memory Man (2015)
  • The Last Mile (2016)
  • The Fix (2017)
  • The Fallen (2018)
  • Redemption (2019)
  • Walk the Wire (2020)
  • Long Shadows (2022)

Memory Man (2015) introduces Amos Decker, a former football player turned detective with a rare condition – hyperthymesia, which gives him perfect memory. When his family is brutally murdered, Decker’s life shatters. Now, haunted by his past and armed with his extraordinary memory, he seeks justice and redemption.

The Last Mile (2016) follows Amos Decker as he investigates a notorious case involving a convicted murderer on death row who may be innocent. With twists and turns, Decker must navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system and confront his own demons to uncover the truth.

In The Fix (2017), Amos Decker returns to his hometown to visit his family’s graves and finds himself drawn into a series of murders linked to a decades-old mystery. As he delves deeper, Decker unravels a web of secrets, lies, and betrayal, testing his resolve and his memory like never before.


What is the Amos Decker Series about?

The Amos Decker Series is a collection of suspenseful crime novels written by bestselling author David Baldacci. The series follows the character of Amos Decker, a former professional football player turned detective with a remarkable memory and unique abilities. 

How many books are in the Amos Decker Series?

As of the latest update, there are currently six books in the Amos Decker Series. The series begins with Memory Man, followed by The Last Mile, The Fix, The Fallen, Redemption, and Walk the Wire. 

What sets Amos Decker apart from other fictional detectives?

Amos Decker stands out due to his unique cognitive abilities, specifically his hyperthymesia, which grants him the ability to remember every detail of his life. This extraordinary memory, combined with his analytical mind and relentless determination, makes him an exceptional detective.

Do I need to read the Amos Decker Series in order?

While each book in the series can stand alone as a separate story, reading them in order allows readers to fully appreciate the character development and overarching narrative arcs. The books often reference events and characters from previous installments, enhancing the overall reading experience. 


Watching the Amos Decker series in order gives you a full view of the character’s development and the unfolding plot. It’s a journey through complex mysteries and the evolution of a unique protagonist. 

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