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MP4 to GIF Converter

Extract GIFs from your high-quality MP4 videos swiftly. Use our web-based MP4 to GIF converter to convert MP4 to GIFs straightaway.

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Know More About Our Online MP4 to GIF Converter

GIFs are immensely useful for getting the attention of the targeted audience. Our online MP4 to GIF maker gives an opportunity to all of you to extract high-quality Gifs from a large MP4 video without following any complex procedure. The advanced algorithms on which this tool is based have the ability to retrieve GIFs from entered video without damaging the quality of the original video. Moreover, the entire process is extremely simple and doesn’t demand any special skills from you to retrieve GIFs from a video file. Additionally, the availability of this web-based facility also saves you from wasting your resources on hiring professionals to get GIFs from video content. This online facility is your ultimate partner whenever you desire to retrieve Gifs to galvanize your content marketing or need something engaging and attractive to grab your audience’s attention.


GIF is a picture format that is famous for supporting animated images. This image format can adapt to 256 colors. Also, GIF uses lossless compression to store pictures. This file format holds the capacity to store small-size images. Therefore, it’s mainly used in web publishing.


MP4 is a famous video file format that is used to store audio and video data. This file format is also popular as it can store pictures and subtitles. People prefer this file format for sharing videos on the web or social media.

How to Convert MP4 to GIF

The process of converting MP4 to high-quality GIF is free of any kind of hurdles. You only have to follow the simple and easy steps stated below, and that’s all. You will easily get excellent GIFs from your video effortlessly.

  • Open this MP4 to GIF converter from any web browser.
  • Upload the MP4 video from your device storage by clicking on the Upload button.
  • After uploading your video file, select the video part you desire to cut by entering the starting and ending times.
  • Once you are done with making selections, press the Convert MP4 to GIF button to start the conversion.
  • The facility will extract the GIF from MP4 video instantly that you can download on your device by pressing the Download button.

Why Should You Try Our MP4 to GIF Converter?

That’s a legit question that might be popping up in many individuals’ minds: why do we need to choose this particular GIF maker instead of settling for other online tools? The answer to this query is simple; most online facilities usually contain different restrictions and demand prerequisites to convert MP4 to a GIF. But that’s not the case with our online facility, as you can extract countless GIFs from your desired videos without any constraints. Besides, the following features make our MP4 to GIF converter the perfect option to turn your video clip into a transition animated GIF file.

Safe & Secure:

Keeping your personal videos protected from any intrusion is our first responsibility, and we are ready to fulfill it at our best. The advanced algorithms of this facility make sure no one can access your uploaded MP4 videos. Similarly, the converted GIF and uploads will be erased from our servers once you get your required results. Therefore, you won’t have to think of the privacy of your personal data, as this MP4 video to GIF guarantees the security of your uploads and downloads.

Free for Everyone:

The biggest issue with online facilities that make them less useful for many users is their high prices. However, this online MP4 to GIF converter is completely free to use. You don’t have to pay any money to purchase its premium membership to enjoy MP4 to quality GIF conversion.

Support All OS/Devices:

Get rid of any prerequisite of having a particular device for converting MP4 to GIFs. Our online facility is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Android, and IOS. Similarly, you can access this free MP4 video to GIF converter from any device like a laptop, smartphone, or personal computer and extract incredible-looking GIFs from your videos efficiently.

No Software Download is Required:

Now, there is no need to disturb your device storage by installing a massive size application just for converting MP4 video files to GIFs. Our web-based facility is always at your disposal to extract the finest quality GIFs. This approach saves you from downloading applications on your device and manages your storage capacity effectively. All you require is to connect your device to the internet to access this free online MP4 to GIF converter, and that’s all.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MP4 to GIFs Converter?

An online MP4 to GIF converter is a web-based utility that extracts transition animated GIFs from an MP4 file without losing the quality of the original video.

Is Your MP4 to GIF Converter Free?

Yes! Our online facility is free to use that enables everyone to convert their MP4 to GIF without paying a single coin. Also, the tool doesn’t demand you to purchase any premium membership to enjoy its services after a specific number of conversions.

Do I Need to Sign-up to Use this Online Converter?

Not at all! There is no such condition that lies on you for using this free MP4 to GIF converter. You don’t have to share any personal information to get registered on our platform to extract GIFs from MP4 using our tool.

Can I Use this MP4 to GIF Tool on Smartphone?

Yes! This web-based facility allows you to convert MP4 videos to GIFs from any device, including smartphone, tablets and computers.