Cursive Letters

Try this cursive letters generator and convert regular text into cursive alphabet within a few instances. The free online facility allows you lengthy text into a cursive letter without following any hurdles. The conversion of the alphabet in cursive fonts will be performed in real-time in your browser using JavaScript.


How to Convert Simple Text to Cursive Alphabet?

You are not supposed to go throw any intricate procedure for converting your regular alphabet into cursive. The following easy to execute instructions will allow you to turn your usual text into cursive letters instantly.

  • Land on this online cursive font generator.
  • Enter your text in the given box on this web-based utility.
  • Press the Convert to Cursive button.
  • The text written in the cursive letter will be displayed.
  • Copy the text and use it the way you desire straight away.

The other significant options you can opt for on this online utility are as follows:

Cursive Text: Use this utility to generate a lengthy amount of text into cursive that you can easily paste on any online platform.

Bold Italics Text (Serif): You can also generate a script that is bold and italicized with a serif font.

Bold Cursive Text: The tool also allows you to create bold cursive text.

Underline Text: Underline the entire text using this tool.

Italics Text: Italic letters can be created with this free facility.

Bold Italics Text (Sans Serif): Our tool allows you to form textual information that is bold italicized with sans serif font.

Strikethrough Text: You can also generate strikethrough text with this cursive text generator.

Cursive Letters

Cursive is a type of text that is widely used for fun purposes. The cursive text is mostly used along with underlined text, italic text, and especially bold text that can be created using Unicode. You might have an idea that Unicode is a special character code that a machine can easily understand and look interesting to humans as well. The cursive alphabet is often used on social media, and people use them while chatting with friends and loved ones.

Cursive letters imitate cursive writing style. This writing pattern includes letters that are combined in a slanted and smooth manner. There are numerous languages in which cursive fonts are being used, but they mean different in those languages. From Latin to Arabic and Chinese to Cyrillic, are widely used. However, the nature and the pattern of cursive alphabets are different. Cursive writing isn’t something new. It has been studied that in Norman Conquest, cursive writing was used for both personal and official purposes. Moreover, cursive handwriting was taught in schools and considered essential to learn for the students.

The online cursive generator provides you with an easy opportunity to generate a cursive letter from normal text within no time. You can paste cursive fonts generated by this online utility on various digital platforms and social media sites as per your preference without going through any hesitation. No hard efforts are required to make for generating cursive letter text with this free online facility.

Primary Uses of Cursive Letters

The online utility available on this platform allows all of you to generate cursive text from any corner of the planet within a few seconds. Many famous utilities like Microsoft Word that offer cursive font can be used in the document only. However, the alphabet cursive you get from this cursive alphabet generator can be applied anywhere on social media. The cursive words are often used in many cases. People can use cursive text generated by our tool in the following places.

  • People can use it to name a file instead of using normal text.
  • Invitations and cards need appealing and catchy fonts that can enhance their appearance. The cursive alphabet derived from our facility can be used in flyers, invitation cards, and visual emblems.
  • The Unicode cursive creator provides you with a facility to generate cursive words that can be applied on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

About Our Cursive Font Generator

The online cursive alphabet generator we are offering you is one of the most reliable tools you can find on the web. The tool provides you with an easy opportunity to make unlimited conversions of the normal alphabet in cursive letters within a matter of a few instances. You are not required to follow any intricate procedure on having to learn any special skills to generate cursive fonts with this free online utility.

Do I have to download any application on my device for using this tool? If you have this question in your mind right now, then get rid of it straight away. The online cursive text generator we are offering doesn’t ask you to download and install any application on your device for using this free tool. Unlike many other online cursive alphabet generators, this online facility doesn’t have any trial period. You can convert the usual alphabet into cursive letters without any restriction.

Another significant feature of our excellent cursive letter creator is that it supports all operating systems and devices. Whether you are using an Android, Mac, or Personal computer, you can get your hands on this facility swiftly. Moreover, no matter what operating system you have on your device, the online cursive font generator is capable of working exquisitely fine on all of them. You can access this excellent facility from IOS, Android, Windows, etc., and generate a wide range of cursive words instantly. is providing advanced and efficient online free calculators and many other tools like audio, video, and image converters. That makes your Life Easy.