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Select the language, voices, and emotions from different voices that we have and find the best one that goes well with your content.

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Turn Text into Amazing Speech:
500+ Natural Sounding AI Voices in 140+ Languages!

Create Studio Quality Voice Overs with AI natural sounding voices for
Promotional Videos
Podcast Videos
Educational Videos
  • 500+ AI natural Sounding Voices
  • Supports 140+ Different Languages
  • Voices with Real Emotions
  • Advanced Editor
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Single Platform for All AI Voiceovers
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On4t Voices Has Emotions That Make Them Sound Super Natural

Want to make your voices laugh, happy cry, excited? Check out the emotions that you can add to your voices.

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Try Out On4t’s Unique AI Text to Speech Voices That Sound Like Real Human

Want cool voices for your videos? ON4T’s text-to-speech tool has lots of AI voices just for you. It's like having a voice actor, but faster and cheaper. You can make your own special voice-overs easily. It's great for lots of videos and saves you time and money. With our tool, making fun and interesting videos is easy and quick!

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Get Instant, Perfect Voiceovers in 140+ Languages.

Just a few taps and your text becomes speech in any language you want. Fast, easy, and just for you!

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Over 500+ Human- Sounding Voice Overs for Everyone to read aloud

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Multilingual support in English Text To Speech and 140+ other languages

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Generate Speech from a Document to Excellent Quality audio version

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Add Background Music to Enhance Clarity and Attractiveness with online Text to Speech MP3

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Customize the Speed, Pronunciation, and Pitch of the selected natural sounding Voice as Per Your Preference

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Undetectable Standard Sounding Voice Overs for Various Situations

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Get Multiple Audio Files Against a Single Input Text

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Explore and Choose the Perfect Voice Type, Tone, pitch, & Speed

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Make Your Text to voice tone More Cheerful, Unfriendly, Whispering, Sad, and Friendly

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Powered by Advanced AI-Based Text To Speech generator

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Entirely Web-based Application that Can Be Accessed without Installation

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Merge Multiple Text to Audio Files in One Larger File for Easy Storing and Sharing

It Is Hard For People To Identify The Voices By On4t And Real Voiceovers

Video # 1:
Video # 2:

Which one do you think is the real voice, and which one is the voice generated by on4t?

On4t’s TTS is best for:

We have happy customers who are using our voices to create tutorial videos, sales pitches, webinars, and much more.

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Turning Text To Speech Using On4t Is Easier Than Scrolling Through Your Social Media Feed.

No more need to pay freelancers or voiceover artists anymore

Paste Your Text

Type or paste your text into the textbox.

Select Voice and Style

Select the voices and style by previewing the voices.

Create and Download

Click Create Voiceover, and once it is ready, download and use it!

Get rid of all unproductive methods!
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Simple to access and use.

With ON4T’s Text to Speech, You Can Make

realistic AI voices and utilize them to generate custom voiceovers for marketers, product developers, authors, and podcasters using our cutting-edge online Text-to-speech service!


Marketers, say goodbye to the hassle and high costs of hiring voiceover artists. With ON4T's Text to Speech, creating the perfect voice for your marketing projects is super easy. Whether you're a small business owner, a digital marketing agency, or a freelance content creator, our platform lets you effortlessly turn your written content into high-quality, natural-sounding AI voices. Compare different voice outputs to find the one that best fits your brand and boosts your engagement.

Teachers & Students:

Check out how our text-to-speech tool can make learning way cooler. You can turn tough and technical topics into easy-to-understand audio. This means you can change written stuff into fun, spoken lessons. It's great for students who want to learn while they're on the bus or just chilling in bed. It's all about making learning easy to grasp and more enjoyable.


Who doesn't love listening to great stories? Now, you can turn your books into audiobooks and reach more listeners. Our free online text-to-speech tool makes it super easy. Just pick a voice you like, copy and paste your story, and click to create the audio. It's a simple way to bring your stories to life and share them with more people!

Customer Support:

Want to make your customer service even better? Use our awesome AI voice generator to answer common questions about your products and services. It's so good your customers might just think they're talking to a real person! This means they get quick, clear answers, making everyone's day a bit brighter. Just record your FAQs with our text-to-speech tool, and you're all set to provide top-notch support.

Product Developers:

Need to show off your cool new products? Use our text-to-speech reader to make awesome voiceovers for your website, sales pages, tutorials, and demo videos. It's a great way to make your products shine and explain how they work. Plus, it's quick and easy, so you can spend more time getting great feedback on what you've created.


Making cool voiceovers for your podcasts is super quick and easy with our tool. You can make your podcasts sound just right and get more people to listen. Our voices are here to help you get more views and make everything simpler. So, say goodbye to hard stuff and hello to awesome podcast voiceovers!


Text-to-Speech Generation vs. Human VoiceOvers

Why use our text-to-speech reader? It's all about making things easier, cheaper, and faster for you. Instead of finding and paying experts, our tool lets you make cool voiceovers on your own. It's a quick, budget-friendly way to get great-sounding voiceovers without the fuss.

Human Voiceover Process
  • Waste time hiring perfect voiceover artists
  • Turnaround time of average 1 week
  • Learn editing skills to use voices
  • Spend money and time to record again
Free Text to Speech (TTS)
  • Super easy to use
  • Takes less than a minute for an output
  • Beginner friendly interface
  • Lifetime updates and new features
How Does Our Text to Speech Tool Function

How Does On4T's Text-to-Speech Tool Work?

Our Text-to-Speech Tool

Think of On4T as a super-smart helper that turns what you write into cool, real-sounding speech in just seconds. It's like having a robot read your text out loud. Using it is a piece of cake: type in your text, pick a voice that fits your project, and boom! The tool changes your text into a voiceover that sounds just like a person talking. You can save this as an audio file and use it for anything – podcasts, learning videos, ads, you name it. And the best part? Your listeners won't even guess it's made by ON4T’s AI!

Give Our Human-Sounding AI Voices a Try

alex voice












Catherine voice












Why is Text-to-Speech Super Cool? (Awesome Features)

Text-to-speech is packed with special features that make it the best choice for fast and natural-sounding voiceovers. It's like a magic tool for making amazing AI voices!

500+ AI Voices

Dive into our huge collection of top-quality voices. Choose from male, female, and even kids' voices, all ready for you to use.

Adjust Tone, Pitch & Speed

With our tool, changing how the voice sounds is easy. Make it whisper, shout, or speak at the speed you like. It's all about making the voice just right for your project.

Various Accents

Make your voiceovers feel real with different English accents. American, UK, Canadian, Australian, Indian, South African, Irish, and British accents are all there for you.

140+ Languages

Our awesome Text-to-Speech tool supports loads of languages. From English to Japanese, German to Arabic, and many more, we've got you covered.

Set Voice Emotions

Need your AI voiceover to sound serious, soft, angry, or happy? Our tool makes your voice sound just like a real person, no matter the emotion.

Create Voice Overs Like a Pro

Highlight important words and control how your voiceover sounds. Add pauses and change sentence lengths to get the perfect effect.

Support for All Video Editing Software

The audio files you make with our tool work with any video and audio editing software. It's super easy to add them to your projects.

Optimize Your Efficiency

Save time and boost your productivity with our natural-sounding text reader. It can read your emails and documents out loud in a clear AI voice, so you can listen to your text anytime and stay on top of your game.

Use ON4T’s Text-to-Speech for Multiple Purposes

Sales Videos

Grab your audience's attention with an awesome sales video. Our Text-to-Speech voice generator gives you voiceovers that sound just like a real person. They're great for drawing people in, sparking interest, and bringing customers your way. Whether it's for a cool discount offer or introducing a new product, our AI voice text reader helps you create the perfect voiceover quickly and easily.


Educational Videos

Teachers, now you can make your own voiceovers for lessons and educational videos with On4t's AI Text-to-Speech generator. It's perfect for explaining tricky stuff in a way that's fun and easy to understand. Our tool lets you add feelings to your words, making learning more lively. Creating custom voiceovers for your classes is now super easy and fun!

School Lessons

Want to make your lessons even more exciting? Use our AI voiceover artists to turn your lessons into cool videos. Their voices are clear and friendly, perfect for making learning fun. Plus, with our Text-to-speech voices, you can easily translate lessons into different languages. This means students can listen to them while they're on the bus, out for a run, or even while playing games. Learning becomes more accessible and fun for everyone!


Advertisement and Promotional Videos

In the fast-moving business world, showing off new products is key. Our Text-to-Speech software is here to help. Add voiceover text to scenes without real actors and make your ads more interesting, all while keeping an eye on your budget. Whether you're a startup or a big company, our software is perfect for everyone's advertising needs.

Documentary Videos

Want a voice as impactful as the ones in National Geographic or Discovery Channel documentaries? You've come to the right place! With our huge selection of AI text-to-speech voices, you can create documentaries that really make an impression. A strong and engaging voice is key to sharing important info and keeping viewers hooked. Use our online Text-to-speech to tell inspiring stories or share exciting incidents in a way that really grabs attention.


Audio Books

Turn your blog post, written content, journals, novels, or research work into professional audiobooks that people can listen to while cooking, walking, traveling, or in the car. Our AI text to Speech emotion-based engine is ideal for translating your words into perfect voice and adding emotions to the voice tone, turning it flawless for commercial purposes of creating audiobooks.

E-commerce Videos

Explaining how a product works is crucial for attracting online users. Add various female voices, male, old, or child voices in different accents to your e-commerce videos with On4t Text-to-Speech reader. Maximize the potential of your e-commerce campaign by utilizing multilingual languages, top-quality AI voice Generator Text to Speech, and distinctive voice tones.



Enhance your podcast brand with custom commercials, sound bites, and engaging content. Use our online Text-to-Speech tool to create a professional podcasting customer experience here. Engage your audience with audio content and provide additional support through custom voiceovers.

Health Videos

Guide your audience about health-related issues and remedies to counter them easily in a gentle and kind tone. Choose the unique voice, style, native language, and gender of your preference and create the best quality health videos featuring the perfect voiceover without hiring freelancers.


For Individuals with Visual Impairments

On4t's text-to-speech generator is a game-changer for people with visual impairments, dyslexia, or other disabilities. It turns written words into spoken ones, making things easier to understand. If reading is tough or if you have trouble seeing, our Text to Speech online software is here to help. It changes your reading material into audio so you can just listen to it. Super convenient and helpful!


Common Questions Asked Related to ON4T Text-to-Speech

Absolutely! Our free tool is all online – no need to install anything. Just make sure you've got a good internet connection, and you're all set to turn words into speech anytime, anywhere.

Yes, you can! Choose from our range of realistic AI voices and use them in your YouTube videos. Just remember to follow YouTube's terms of service and guidelines when using our voiceovers.

Our Text to Speech tool offers over 500 realistic voices, perfect for any project, including commercial use.

Yes! The web-based free Text to speech converter can easily be accessed from any mobile device, including Mac and Android.

Contact our TTS generator customer support team. Our team always answers your problem and helps to fix it.

You can claim 100% money back if you are not content with our best Text to Speech software or TTS reader. However, terms and conditions will be applied to claim a refund.

A Text-to-Speech Generator is an online tool that quickly turns written text into natural-sounding speech.

This Text to audio converter tool works easily: Just type your text, pick a voice you like, and there you go. It's a great way to save time and money, and you can use AI-generated speech in your videos right away.

ON4T Text To Speech Pricing

We offer a 30-day free trial and a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with our Text-to-Speech tool, you'll get a full refund within 24 hours. Terms and conditions apply.

$19 / Monthly

Basic Plan

  • Unlimited Voiceovers
  • 500,000 Characters
  • 140+ Languages
  • 500+ Voices
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 12k Characters Per Clip
  • Merge Unlimited Audios
  • Pro Editor
  • Commercial License

$39 / Quarterly

Pro Plan

  • Unlimited Voiceovers
  • 1,500,000 Characters
  • 140+ Languages
  • 500+ Voices
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 12k Characters Per Clip
  • Merge Unlimited Audios
  • Pro Editor
  • Commercial License

$49 / Yearly

Agency Plan

  • Unlimited Voiceovers
  • 4,000.000 Characters
  • 140+ Languages
  • 500+ Voices
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 12k Characters Per Clip
  • Merge Unlimited Audios
  • Pro Editor
  • Commercial License