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Privacy Policy

Security and Privacy policies

The Service reserves the right to update and modify this agreement without prior notification. This privacy statement outlines how collects and uses personal information. The data controller for any personal information processed under this privacy policy is On4T.

Privacy Policy


The goal of On4T is to create products that make it easy for you to convert and manage your files. To accomplish this, On4T has put in place an information security management system, and their information security policy is based on the two key security goals listed below:

  • Confidentiality:
    Only authorized personnel have access to the data.
  • Integrity:
    There are no illegal changes or modifications made to the material.

The management of On4T provides all interested parties with the tools they need to accomplish these goals while abiding by the rules and guidelines of the ISMS. Moreover, the management of On4T pledges to continuously maintain the ISMS's advancement by monitoring it and conducting regular reviews.

Do not violate in any way on our services or intellectual property.

Information (such as files and URLs) you give to the On4T service is your responsibility. On4T doesn't keep an eye on user-generated content. Please consider that hacking, illegal recording exchanges, and the use of protected works all undermine art creation. Respect the laws currently in existence, particularly those that cover intellectual and artistic property.


When you visit our site, small text files called cookies are stored on your browser or the hard drive of your computer or other devices. As a result, the Site will be able to recognize you as a user either during your visit (using a "session cookie") or on subsequent visits (using a "permanent cookie"). They are safe and don't contain any private information, like your home address, date of birth, or credit card information.

We use the main categories of cookies that are:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

You cannot utilize our website's services or explore it without these cookies. Without these cookies, we can’t provide the services you have requested. These cookies don't monitor your internet behavior or gather any personal information that might be used for marketing.

Analytical/Performance Cookies

We use web analytics services to help us better understand how people use our site to keep the site, services, and products current, relevant, and simple to use. For instance, we can monitor the Site's most popular sections, track down faults, and test various versions of a page or feature to determine which one performs best.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow websites and applications to remember choices you make (like your user name, the language you're using, or the location you're in), which enhances and personalizes functionality. We can’t specifically identify you because the information these cookies collect is typically anonymized.

To learn how to disable cookies, please use the menu bar to access the "Help" tab of your browser. Contact us using the email address provided below if you require any assistance.