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Are you facing problems in converting your images to editable text files? Use our online OCR Image to text converter. It’s totally free & 100% accurate!

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About This Online Image to Text Converter

Adding text to an image is a challenging and hectic task that needs advanced software. Investing massive money in buying expensive software just to edit the textual content of an image isn't a practical approach. Instead, you can simply turn our web-based image to text converter. The facility is highly advanced and provides you with a fast way to modify the text of an image easily.

The use of our online OCR converter makes it possible for you to change the text data in your picture. Additionally, this image to text tool saves you from hiring a professional or installing huge-sized applications on your device. The only thing this OCR tool requires from you is a strong internet connection to convert images to text using our tool!

Image formats to enable Image to Text Converter

Using Optical Recognition Technology OCR, this tool accurately extracts the text from any image format such as:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • TIFF

Steps to Use this Free Image to Text Tool

The method of using this amazing online facility is also free of any kind of hassle. You only need to follow the simple steps shared below to convert an image to text with this free tool.

  • Click On Tool:

    Search on google for a free image to text tool or by pasting its URL directly into your browser.

  • Upload Image File:

    Select the picture you want to convert into text by clicking on the Upload button or simply Drag & Drop your image.

  • Convert Into Text:

    Once your desired file is uploaded, press the Convert button to start the conversion process.

  • Download & Save:

    Now, You can copy text or save the text file on your device by pressing the Download button.

What Makes this OCR Image to Text Tool Best?

You might have a query in your mind that the internet offers tons of other images to text converters; then, why should I prefer this tool? Well, there are many unique features that are missing in other online tools which are included in this facility.

A few of the most prominent features of this image to text tool are shared below:

1.Super Friendly Interface

No matter if you are a pro at using online facilities or trying it for the first time, the super friendly interface of this pic to text converter tool enables everyone to use it swiftly. The appealing layout and clear instructions to translate picture to text tool, this facility makes it no uphill task for anyone to try this tool. You will not feel lost at any stage while using this amazing online image to text converter.

2.No Premium Subscription is Required

Any one of you who is tired of wasting money on purchasing premium versions of online facilities for converting pictures into text must try this free online OCR converter. Unlike many other online tools, this picture to text converter doesn't demand any paid membership from its users.

Furthermore, there is also no trial period for using this free img to text converter. You can access this web-based facility whenever you want and wherever you want to convert pictures into written text swiftly. A strong internet connection is the only thing you need to access this web-based image to text online converter.

3.Accessible from All Devices

Do you want to convert pictures into text on your iPhone? Don't worry; this free OCR tool is here to help you out. Yes, it's true. The online extract text from image tool offered by us supports all types of devices, including Android smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and personal computers.

Also, you can use this free photo to text converter from all major operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. Additionally, this pic to text converter can be accessed using any web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Bing, etc.

4.Guarantees the Secrecy of Images

No one would ever desire that his/her images get leaked or shared with anyone without his/her permission. The online facility we are presenting is the best online ocr image to text tool that ensures the secrecy of your images. The image to text converter is based on highly advanced algorithms that secure your images from any intrusion. No third party can ever access your images.

Furthermore, we will never share the pictures you upload to this facility for converting into textual data. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the privacy of your pictures by using the photo to text converter online.

5.No Installation/ Download is Needed

Unlike most online facilities, image to text converters available on this platform will never ask you to download or install any large-size application on your device to enjoy its free services. You don't have to put any burden on your device storage just for converting picture into text.

The availability of this web-based pic to text converter provides you with a great opportunity to convert pictorial data into textual data without any installation. Once you land at this facility, simply upload the picture for which you want to scan text from image, and the remaining process will be done by the tool itself.

Why Converting Image to Text is Essential?

The availability of this online img to text converter tool saves a person from professing unwanted situations and following intricate procedures to convert the image into text. The reasons why converters like images to text free online OCR are essential:

  • Economise Time and Effort
  • Time Saving & Effortless

By using this image to text extractor tool, you can convert the images into editable text in a short amount of time. It also reduces the errors that can be caused by manual typing.

  • Helps Enhancing The Business

To create the analysis or audit reports, you can extract the text from your business documents.

  • Extracts Text From Social Media Posts

You may see posts on social media i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc that you find interesting. You can extract the text from those social media posts and use it anywhere you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of images can be converted into text using this tool?

You can convert any type of image file into text using this tool. It supports all popular image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc.

Will I need to install any application on my device to use this image to text converter?

No, you don't need to install any application on your device to use this free tool. It is a web-based ocr to text tool that can be accessed from any web browser.

How long will it take for the tool to convert an image into text?

The tool will take a few seconds to convert an image into text. However, the time it takes to scan picture to text depends on the size of the image file.

How many images can be converted into text at a time?

There is no limit on the number of images that can be converted into text at a time. You can convert as many images as you want in one go.

Is there any limit on the file size of the image?

Yes, there is a limit on the file size of the image. The maximum file size that can be uploaded to this img to text tool is 5MB.