The Maze Runner Series In Order

The Maze Runner series is a thrilling saga of dystopian adventures penned by author James Dashner. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the series follows the journey of Thomas and his fellow Gladers as they navigate treacherous mazes, uncover dark secrets, and strive for survival against sinister forces.

In this article, we will discuss the chronological order of The Maze Runner series, providing readers with a clear roadmap to explore the captivating narrative from beginning to end.

Understanding the Maze Runner series in order

“The Maze Runner” series, written by James Dashner, is a collection of young adult dystopian science fiction novels. The series is well-loved for its gripping plot, complex characters, and the intriguing world it builds. Here’s a breakdown of the series in order:

  • The Maze Runner (2009): The first book introduces us to Thomas, who wakes up in a lift with no memory of who he is, except for his name. He finds himself in a place called the Glade, surrounded by a gigantic maze, with a group of other boys who have been trying to find a way out. The arrival of the first girl, Teresa, marks the beginning of dramatic changes and the escape quest.
  • The Scorch Trials (2010): After escaping the maze, Thomas and the survivors face their next challenge in the Scorch, a desolate landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles. The Gladers battle disease, extreme weather, and WICKED’s manipulative tests, discovering startling truths about their world and themselves.
  • The Death Cure (2011): The third book sees Thomas and his friends seeking to put an end to WICKED’s experiments for good. They must navigate a dangerous landscape to find answers and a cure for the Flare, a deadly disease. Loyalties are tested, and sacrifices are made in their fight for survival and freedom.
  • The Kill Order (2012): This prequel to the series takes place before Thomas enters the Maze, focusing on the events leading up to the creation of the maze and the world falling apart due to solar flares and the deadly disease, the Flare. It follows new characters, Mark and Trina, as they struggle to survive in this new chaotic world.
  • The Fever Code (2016): Another prequel, this book fills in the gaps between “The Kill Order” and “The Maze Runner.” It tells the story of how the maze was built, the children who would later become Gladers were selected and their early lives within WICKED’s facility. It provides a deeper understanding of the characters’ backgrounds and the origins of the maze.

Reading the series in this order allows you to experience the story as it unfolds chronologically. However, some fans prefer to read the series in publication order, saving the prequels for last to preserve the mystery and revelations of the original trilogy.

Whichever order you choose, the series offers a compelling mix of action, mystery, and the exploration of themes like friendship, survival, and the search for truth.

Complete The Maze Runner Series In Order

  • The Maze Runner (2009)
  • The Scorch Trials (2010)
  • The Death Cure (2011)
  • The Kill Order (2012)
  • The Fever Code (2016)


What is The Maze Runner series about?

The series follows a group of young adults navigating through a deadly maze in a post-apocalyptic world, facing challenges and uncovering secrets.

Who are the main characters in The Maze Runner series?

The main characters include Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, and others, who band together to escape the maze and confront the forces behind it.

What themes are explored in The Maze Runner series?

Themes of survival, friendship, sacrifice, and the struggle against oppressive systems are explored, as characters confront danger and betrayal.

Who wrote The Maze Runner series and how has it been received?

The series is penned by James Dashner and has garnered both critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base for its gripping storytelling and suspenseful plot twists.


The Maze Runner series, consisting of “The Maze Runner,” “The Scorch Trials,” and “The Death Cure,” follows the journey of Thomas and his friends as they navigate through dangerous mazes and uncover the truth about their world.

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