Shatter Me Series In Order With Novellas

The “Shatter Me Series” is a collection of novels and novellas by Tahereh Mafi. This series, known for its engaging storyline and complex characters, takes readers on a journey through a dystopian world. 

In this article, we will discuss the “Shatter Me Series” in the order it should be read, including the novellas. We’ll provide a guide to navigate through the series seamlessly, ensuring a thorough understanding and enjoyment of Mafi’s intricate world.

Understanding The Shatter Me Series

The “Shatter Me” series is a young adult dystopian fiction series written by Tahereh Mafi. It consists of a total of six books, including three main novels, three novellas, and additional companion novels. Here’s a brief overview of the series:

The “Shatter Me” series is known for its engaging writing style, character development, and the evolving dynamics between the characters. It combines elements of dystopia, romance, and action, making it a popular choice among young adult readers.

If you enjoy stories with unique abilities, complex relationships, and a dystopian backdrop, you might find this series intriguing!

What Makes The Shatter Me Series A Reading Game-Changer

The “Shatter Me” series by Tahereh Mafi has captivated readers and is often considered a game-changer in the young adult dystopian fiction genre for several reasons:

  • Unique Writing Style: One of the standout features of the series is Tahereh Mafi’s distinctive writing style. She employs striking metaphors, vivid imagery, and a lyrical prose that brings the story to life. Through the protagonist Juliette’s perspective, readers experience her thoughts and emotions in a deeply personal way. Mafi’s writing is often poetic and immersive, setting it apart from many other young adult novels.
  • Complex Protagonist: Juliette Ferrars, the main character, is not your typical heroine. Her deadly touch makes her an outcast and a potential weapon, adding a layer of complexity to her character. Throughout the series, readers witness Juliette’s growth from a timid and isolated girl into a strong and empowered woman. Her transformation is a central theme and resonates with readers who appreciate character development.
  • Character Dynamics: The series features a love triangle involving Juliette, Adam Kent, and Warner. What makes it unique is that each character is multifaceted, with their own strengths, flaws, and motivations. This complexity in character dynamics adds depth to the romantic aspect of the story and keeps readers engaged as they root for their favorite character.
  • Exploration of Power: “Shatter Me” delves into the theme of power and how it can be both a blessing and a curse. Juliette’s lethal abilities force her to grapple with questions of control, responsibility, and morality. The series explores the consequences of wielding power, making it thought-provoking for readers.
  • World-Building: While the series is character-driven, it also presents a well-crafted dystopian world. Readers are introduced to a society in turmoil, with political intrigue, rebellion, and power struggles. The world-building is intricate and evolves throughout the series, offering a rich backdrop for the characters’ journeys.
  • Emotional Depth: The series doesn’t shy away from tackling deep and emotional themes such as trauma, isolation, and the search for identity. Readers connect with the characters on an emotional level, and the series explores the human capacity for resilience and healing.
  • Narrative Evolution: The series includes novellas and companion novels that provide different perspectives and additional depth to the story. This narrative experimentation keeps readers engaged and allows them to see events from various angles.
  • Impact on the Genre: “Shatter Me” has influenced the young adult dystopian genre by pushing boundaries in terms of writing style, character development, and themes. It has inspired other authors to experiment with narrative techniques and explore complex characters and relationships.

Understanding More About The Set Of The Shatter Me Series

The Shatter Me series is a set of books that take you into a world full of adventure and emotions. The story follows a girl named Juliette. Her touch is dangerous, and this changes her life in big ways. The setting of the series is a future where things are tough and not very cheerful.

The places in the Shatter Me series are very interesting. You’ll find yourself exploring old, broken-down buildings and secret facilities. The way everything is described makes it easy for you to imagine being right there with the characters. It’s like you’re walking through the ruins and hidden rooms yourself.

Overall, the Shatter Me series offers a journey through a dark, yet fascinating world. The setting plays a huge role, creating a backdrop that makes the story and characters come to life. It’s a mix of danger, secrets, and the power of human emotions.

Reading The Shatter Me Series In Order With Novellas

  1. Shatter Me(2011)
  2. Destroy Me (novella, 2012)
  3. Unravel Me(2013)
  4. Fracture Me (novella, 2013)
  5. Ignite Me (2014)
  6. Restore Me (2018)
  7. Shadow Me (novella, 2019)
  8. Defy Me (2019)
  9. Reveal Me (novella, 2019)
  10. Imagine Me (2020)
  11. Believe Me (novella, 2020)

Shatter Me Series In Order (Only Series)

1. Shatter Me (2011): The series begins with “Shatter Me.” The story is set in a dystopian world where the protagonist, Juliette Ferrars, has a deadly touch. Her touch can kill anyone instantly. As a result, she’s been locked away in isolation for years. However, she is suddenly released by a group that wants to use her lethal abilities as a weapon. The book explores her journey as she navigates this new world.

2. Unravel Me (2013): In the second book, “Unravel Me,” Juliette continues to discover her powers and struggles with her feelings for a young soldier named Adam Kent. The plot also introduces a new character, Warner, who plays a significant role in the series.

3. Ignite Me (2014): “Ignite Me” is the third main novel in the series. It follows Juliette’s transformation as she becomes more confident and learns to control her abilities. The romantic tension between Juliette, Adam, and Warner intensifies, and the story delves deeper into the political intrigue of their world.

4. Destroy Me (2012): This novella, “Destroy Me,” is a companion to the series and provides insight into the character Warner’s perspective.

5. Fracture Me (2013): Another novella, “Fracture Me,” explores events from the second book, “Unravel Me,” but from Adam Kent’s point of view.

6. Restore Me (2018): “Restore Me” is the fourth main novel in the series and marks a return to the series after a few years. It continues the story with new challenges and developments for the characters.

7. Shadow Me (2019): This novella, “Shadow Me,” provides more background and insight into Kenji Kishimoto, a secondary character in the series.

8. Defy Me (2019): “Defy Me” is the fifth main novel and continues the story, exploring the fallout from the events of “Restore Me” and the evolving relationships between the characters.

9. Imagine Me (2020): The final book in the series, “Imagine Me,” brings the story to its conclusion, resolving the conflicts and answering the questions that have been building throughout the series. 

The Impact Of The Shatter Me Series

The Shatter Me series has made a big splash in the young adult fiction world. These books tell the story of a girl with a strange power that she’s learning to control. They mix action, romance, and personal growth, grabbing the attention of many readers.

The series is more than just a story. It talks about tough topics like embracing who you are and dealing with fear and loneliness. Many readers find these themes really relatable. They see parts of themselves in the characters and the challenges they face.

The books have also created a strong community. Fans share their love for the series online, making artwork and discussing the characters. This shows how stories can bring people together, sparking creativity and conversations.


What is the reading order of the “Shatter Me” series with novellas?

The reading order for the “Shatter Me” series and its novellas goes like this: Start with the main trilogy – “Shatter Me,” “Unravel Me,” and “Ignite Me.” After that, you can read the novella “Destroy Me,” which gives you some insight into a character named Warner. Next, continue with the second trilogy, which includes “Restore Me,” “Defy Me,” and “Imagine Me.” Alongside these, you can also read the novella “Fracture Me.” That’s the recommended order to enjoy the series.

Who is the author of the “Shatter Me” series?

The “Shatter Me” series is written by Tahereh Mafi. She’s the creative mind behind this captivating dystopian series filled with unique characters and a gripping storyline.

What genre does the “Shatter Me” series belong to?

The “Shatter Me” series is primarily a young adult dystopian series. It’s known for its mix of dystopian elements, romance, and intriguing superpowers. If you enjoy stories with a touch of romance set in a post-apocalyptic world, this series is for you.

Are there any plans for future books or spin-offs in the “Shatter Me” universe?

Yes, Tahereh Mafi has expanded the “Shatter Me” universe with additional books and novellas. Apart from the main trilogy and the second trilogy, there are spin-off novels like “Defy Me” and “Imagine Me” that continue the story. Tahereh Mafi has also announced more books in the series, so fans can look forward to further adventures in this captivating world.


The Shatter Me series, with its novels and novellas, takes readers on a thrilling journey of emotion and adventure. Each book builds on the last, creating a complex and gripping story.

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