JD Robb In Death Series In Order

The “JD Robb In Death Series” is a gripping collection of crime fiction novels penned by the renowned author Nora Roberts under the pseudonym JD Robb. Set in a futuristic New York City, these novels follow the investigations of Lieutenant Eve Dallas as she tackles complex murder cases amidst advanced technology and societal challenges.

In this article, we will discuss the chronological order of the books in the JD Robb In Death Series, providing readers with a guide to enjoy the series in the sequence intended by the author.


The “In Death” series by J.D. Robb (a pseudonym for Nora Roberts) is a blend of science fiction, crime, mystery, and romance, set in a futuristic New York City. The series began in 1995 with “Naked in Death” and has grown into one of the most prolific and beloved series in the genre, with dozens of books and counting. Here’s a quick rundown to help you understand the appeal and structure of the series:


  • Future New York: The series is set in mid-21st century New York City, starting in the year 2058. This future world includes advanced technology, such as flying cars, auto-chefs, and off-planet travel, alongside societal changes and the challenges of new forms of crime.

Main Characters

  • Eve Dallas: The protagonist, Lieutenant Eve Dallas, is a tough, committed, and highly skilled homicide detective with a troubled past. Her character development, from her personal growth to her professional achievements, forms the backbone of the series.
  • Roarke: An enigmatic and wealthy Irish businessman with a murky past, Roarke becomes Eve’s husband early in the series. His resources, intelligence, and unwavering support for Eve are crucial throughout the series.
  • Supporting Cast: A diverse and colorful cast of characters surrounds Eve and Roarke, including fellow officers, friends, and occasionally adversaries, each adding depth and variety to the stories.

Themes and Genre

  • Crime and Mystery: Each book revolves around a central mystery or crime, often involving murder, that Eve must solve, employing her detective skills and the futuristic resources at her disposal.
  • Romance: The evolving relationship between Eve and Roarke is a significant element, providing emotional depth and a counterpoint to the darker crime-solving aspects.
  • Science Fiction: The futuristic setting introduces speculative technological and societal developments, adding a sci-fi twist to the procedural detective genre.

Writing Style and Structure

  • Character-Driven Stories: While the mysteries are engaging, the series’ strength lies in its character development, exploring themes of love, justice, and resilience.
  • Continuity and Growth: There’s a strong sense of continuity across the series, with characters growing and changing over time, reflecting their experiences and relationships.
  • Balanced Tone: Despite the often grim nature of the crimes, the series is balanced with moments of humor, warmth, and insight, making it more than just a collection of procedural mysteries.

Why Read the “In Death” Series?

  • Engaging Plots: Each book offers a compelling and often complex mystery to unravel, keeping readers hooked.
  • Character Depth: Readers become invested in the characters, their relationships, and their personal growth throughout the series.
  • World-Building: The detailed and imaginative depiction of the future adds an intriguing backdrop to the stories, making the series stand out from traditional crime novels.

Whether you’re a fan of crime mysteries, science fiction, or character-driven narratives, the “In Death” series offers a rich and engaging world that’s easy to get lost in. With its blend of suspenseful plots, deep character exploration, and a vividly imagined future, it’s a series that can appeal to a wide range of readers.


  • Naked in Death (1995)
  • Glory in Death (1995)
  • Immortal in Death (1996)
  • Rapture in Death (1996)
  • Ceremony In Death (1997)
  • Vengeance in Death (1997)
  • Holiday in Death (1998)
  • Midnight in Death (1998)
  • Conspiracy in Death (1999)
  • Loyalty in Death (1999)
  • Witness in Death (2000)
  • Judgement in Death (2000)
  • Betrayal in Death (2001)
  • Interlude in Death (2001)
  • Seduction in Death (2001)
  • Reunion In Death (2002)
  • Purity in Death (2002)
  • Portrait in Death (2003)
  • Imitation in Death (2003)
  • Remember When (2003) (with Nora Roberts)
  • Big Jack (2010)
  • Divided in Death (2004)
  • Visions in Death (2004)
  • Survivor in Death (2005)
  • Origin in Death (2005)
  • Memory in Death (2006)
  • Haunted in Death (2006)
  • Born in Death (2006)
  • Innocent in Death (2006)
  • Eternity in Death (2007)
  • Creation in Death (2007)
  • Strangers in Death (2008)
  • Salvation In Death (2008)
  • Ritual in Death (2008)
  • Promises in Death (2009)
  • Kindred in Death (2009)
  • Missing In Death (2009)
  • Fantasy in Death (2010)
  • Indulgence in Death (2010)
  • Possession in Death (2012)
  • Treachery in Death (2011)
  • New York to Dallas (2011)
  • Chaos in Death (2013)
  • Celebrity in Death (2012)
  • Delusion in Death (2012)
  • Calculated in Death (2013)
  • Thankless in Death (2013)
  • Taken in Death (2013)
  • Concealed in Death (2014)
  • Festive in Death (2014)
  • Obsession in Death (2015)
  • Devoted in Death (2015)
  • Wonderment in Death (2016)
  • Brotherhood in Death (2016)
  • Apprentice in Death (2016)
  • Echoes in Death (2017)
  • Secrets in Death (2017)
  • Dark in Death (2018)
  • Leverage in Death (2018)
  • Connections in Death (2019)
  • Vendetta in Death (2019)
  • Golden In Death (2020)
  • Shadows in Death (2020)
  • Faithless in Death (2021)
  • Forgotten In Death (2021)
  • Abandoned in Death (2022)
  • Desperation in Death (2022)
  • Encore in Death (2023)
  • Payback in Death (2023)
  • Random in Death (2024)
  • Passions in Death (2024)


What is the reading order for the J.D. Robb In Death series?

The reading order starts with “Naked in Death” and continues chronologically with over 50 books.

Are the In Death books standalone or do they need to be read in order?

While each book has its own mystery, reading in order develops character relationships and background stories.

How many books are in the In Death series by J.D. Robb?

There are over 50 books in the series, with new releases continuing to add to the collection.

Can I start reading the In Death series at any point?

It’s recommended to start with “Naked in Death” to fully appreciate character development and ongoing story arcs.


The JD Robb “In Death” series takes readers on a thrilling journey through a future where law and technology collide. Each book builds on the last, creating a complex world of crime, love, and technology. The series is a must-read for those who love mystery and science fiction.

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