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Ultimate Guide To Download Instagram Reels Without Watermark

ultimate guide to download instagram reels without watermark

Instagram Reels have become a sensation in social media, providing users with an innovative way to share captivating short videos. However, retrieving an Instagram Reel often means dealing with an irritating watermark that accompanies it. But fear not! This post will carefully outline a detailed procedure to download Instagram Reels without watermarks, allowing you to preserve and distribute your preferred content effortlessly.

What are Instagram Reels and Watermarks?

Instagram Reels offers a dynamic platform for expressing creativity and captivating an audience through videos of 30 to 60 seconds. Regrettably, when the process is to download reels from Instagram directly, a watermark is frequently included as a protective measure for the original content and recognition for its creator. 

Why have IG Reels become Popular?

Today, we have decided to incorporate Insta Reels into our content strategy for many advantageous reasons. 

  1. Firstly, Reels offer an exceptional platform where you can effortlessly display your unique personality and unleash your creativity with the content you choose to share. 

  2. Unlike traditional feed posts, Reels encourage authenticity and rawness, making them ideal for showcasing behind-the-scenes footage, quick tips or tutorials, and relatable bite-sized content. 

  3. Moreover, Instagram has demonstrated its commitment to Reels by allocating its dedicated space at the top of the Explore tab. This clear investment from Instagram signifies that now is an opportune time to incorporate Reels into your content strategy!

How to Download Instagram Reels without Watermark?

If you open your camera roll and view the recently downloaded Reel, you'll likely spot a small IG reel logo embedded as a watermark. Although it may not bother you, removing this logo would be a good idea if you intend to share the Reel on various other platforms. Should you desire to acquire Reels without this Watermark, here are three reliable methods worth considering.

Method 1= Using Screen Recording (For iOS & Android)

Follow these instructions to Instagram Reels video download without watermark using screen recording on both iOS and Android devices:


  • Open the Instagram app and look for the Reel you want to save.

  • For iOS users, initiating the Control Center requires a smooth slide upwards from the bottom of your device's screen. On the other hand, Android users should swipe downwards from their screen's top edge.

  • You can configure your preferences by selecting Do Not Disturb mode and verifying optimal lighting conditions. 

  • Access either iOS' Control Center or Android's Quick Settings panel to locate and tap on their respective screen recording icons. You can begin spinning your Reel as you'd like.

  • Your smartphone will record the screen and the audio while the Reel plays. Make sure that the complete Reel is caught.

  • Stop the screen recording after the Reel has finished. Tap the red recording symbol in the status bar on iOS. Open the Quick Settings window on Android and select "Stop."

  • The captured movie will be preserved in the gallery of your smartphone. If necessary, crop the video and distribute it without the Watermark.

Method 2= Using Online Instagram Reel Downloaders

To download Instagram Reels without a watermark, follow these steps: 


  • Open the Instagram app and find the Reel you want to download. Tap on the three dots to access the reel menu. Choose Copy Link to copy the Reel's URL. 

  • Open your preferred web browser and search for Instagram Reels downloaders like On4t Instagram Reel downloader, InstaReelSaver, and SaveIG to save Instagram reels without Watermark. You will come across different online tools designed for this purpose. 

  • Once you find a suitable online downloader, locate the field to paste the copied URL. After pasting it, click the Download or Get Reel button provided by the tool. 

  • The online Instagram Reel Downloader will then generate an Instagram Reels Video Download by Link without any watermark. Click on this link to initiate the downloading process of the Reel onto your device.

Method 3= Using Third-Party Insta Reel Downloader Apps

Look for an application in your device's app store that enables you to save Instagram Reels by searching for an Instagram Reel downloader. Choosing a reputable and well-reviewed application is crucial to guarantee privacy and security. 

  • Once you have successfully installed the application, proceed by opening it and following the prompts displayed on your screen, which will allow the necessary permissions for proper functioning. 

  • Like an online downloader, copy the URL of your desired Reel from IG and paste it into this dedicated application. 

  • The application will then process this link accordingly, allowing you to download reels from Instagram without including any watermarks. 

  • To save the Reel onto your device, tap on the designated download button provided by this application.

Final Words

The accessibility to download Instagram Reels without watermarks has significantly increased due to various methods available. However, we must uphold the principles of being responsible digital citizens by acknowledging and respecting content creators' rights when utilizing downloaded material. Armed with the knowledge to obtain watermark-free Reels, feel encouraged to explore the vast world of creative content sharing on Instagram.


Can I use Instagram Reels video downloads for commercial reasons once the Watermark has been removed?

Using downloaded Reels for commercial advantage, especially without watermarks and sufficient license from the creator, may violate copyright laws. Before exploiting content producers' work for commercial purposes, continuously acquire specific permission from them.

What are the best online downloaders to download Instagram reels without Watermark?

The best Insta Reel downloaders without Watermark are!