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A Handy Guide to Instagram Reels Video Download in Gallery

a handy guide to instagram reels video download in gallery

Instagram Reels are dynamic 15 to 30-second video clips that have us all hooked. Reels are fun, entertaining, creative, and just perfect for those brief moments when you want to unwind and enjoy a hearty laugh, feel inspired, or get a quick tutorial on something new. But what if you find a gem of a reel that you'd love to watch again and again offline or perhaps share with someone who isn't on Instagram? Is there a way to download Reels from Instagram directly to your device gallery? The answer is a YES! You can Instagram Reels Video Download in Gallery using these methods effortlessly. 

Try a Free Online Instagram Reels Downloader

The assistance of an advanced Instagram reel downloader allows you to download Instagram reels to your device with a few clicks. The following steps will help you Instagram reels video download in gallery.

  • Open Instagram and search for the reel you want to save.
  • Once you find it, simply copy its URL.
  • Open this URL on the new tab.
  • Paste the copied link into the designated field and hit 'Download.'
  • The reel video will be processed, and a download link will be provided.
  • Click on it to Download Instagram reels to your device gallery. 

Use a Smartphone Instagram Reels Downloader App

There are a plethora of dedicated Instagram reel downloader apps on the Play Store and App Store to download Instagram reels. Here's how you can save Instagram reels to your phone's gallery using them:

  • Download and install the Instagram reel downloader app.
  • Open Instagram and find the reel you want to save.
  • Click on the three-dot menu and select 'Copy Link.'
  • Open the app and paste the copied link.
  • Hit 'Download.'
  • Your reel will be downloaded and saved to your device's gallery. 

Save Instagram Reels with Screen Recording

If you don't want to use any third-party app or website, you can save Instagram reels using your device's built-in screen recording function. The method to Instagram reels video download in gallery using this method is shared below.

  • On Instagram, find your desired reel.
  • Swipe down from the top of your screen to access the control center (iOS), or swipe down twice from the top or swipe down with two fingers (Android).
  • Look for the 'Screen Recording' icon.
  • Click on it to start recording.
  • Quickly go back to Instagram and play the reel from the start.
  • Once the reel finishes, go back to the control center and tap on the screen recording icon to stop recording.
  • The recorded video will automatically save to your device's gallery. 

Benefits of Instagram Reels Video download in Gallery

Instagram Reels have taken over our digital lives with their captivating content, offering everything from laughter-inducing comedy skits to step-by-step recipes, motivational speeches, and fitness routines. But sometimes, we may need to download Instagram reels on devices for various reasons. A few of them are discussed below. 


There is a possibility that you are stuck up somewhere with no internet connectivity. By Instagram reel video download, you ensure an uninterrupted supply of entertainment accessible anywhere, offline.

Instant Ideas Generation

Instagram Reels are a source of creativity and inspiration. You can get unique home decor ideas, a workout routine, or a fashion statement by download reels from Instagram on your personal device.

Learning Made Easy

The short videos on Instagram are ideal for tutorials and how-tos. Downloading these educational reels allows us to learn at our own pace, pause, rewind, and revisit the content as many times as we need, which enhances our learning experience.

Final Words 

Instagram Reels has certainly emerged as a major player, encapsulating entertainment, education, inspiration, and more within its dynamic format. While scrolling and enjoying these reels online is an experience in itself, the option to Instagram reel video download offers convenience and accessibility. The blog post would have suggested some useful ways you can try to Instagram reels video download in gallery. Also, the benefits to download Instagram reels will surely lead you to download them using any method shared in this blog post