Complete Warriors Series In Order

The “Warriors” series, created by Erin Hunter, is a beloved collection of books that delve into the lives of feral cats living in clans. With themes of bravery, loyalty, and adventure, these novels have captivated readers of all ages since the release of the first book, “Into the Wild,” in 2003.

In this article, we will discuss the chronological order of the “Warriors” series, providing readers with a clear roadmap to navigate through the captivating adventures of ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan.

Understanding Warriors Series

The “Warriors” series is a popular collection of novels centered around the adventurous lives of wild cats who live in various Clans in the forest and beyond. Written by Erin Hunter, a pseudonym for the team of authors and editors behind the series, these books have captivated readers of all ages, especially those who enjoy animal stories, fantasy, and intricate social dynamics.

Here’s a breakdown to help you understand the “Warriors” series better:

The World of Warriors

  • The Clans: The series focuses on four main Clans of wild cats—ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. Each Clan has its own unique culture, hunting methods, and territory within the forest. Later on, SkyClan, a long-lost Clan, is reintroduced, expanding the universe further.
  • Society and Structure: Each Clan is structured around a strict hierarchy, including a leader (whose name ends with “-star”), a deputy, medicine cats (who serve as healers), warriors, apprentices, queens (mother cats), elders, and kits (the youngest cats).
  • Beliefs and Practices: The cats share a rich spiritual life, believing in StarClan (the spirits of their ancestors who guide and watch over them) and the Dark Forest (where the spirits of cats who have done evil deeds reside). Ceremonies, prophecies, and omens play crucial roles in the storyline.

The Series Structure

  • The Original Series: It all began with “Into the Wild,” where readers are introduced to Rusty (later Firestar), a house cat who joins ThunderClan and rises to prominence. The original series sets the stage for the vast world of the Clans.
  • Subsequent Series: Following the original, several series expand the narrative, including “The New Prophecy,” “Power of Three,” “Omen of the Stars,” “Dawn of the Clans” (a prequel), “A Vision of Shadows,” “The Broken Code,” and more. Each series introduces new generations and explores different aspects of Clan life and the forest.
  • Super Editions, Novellas, and Field Guides: In addition to the main series, there are Super Editions that focus on individual characters, novellas that explore side stories, and field guides that provide insights into Clan lore and territories.

Themes and Appeal

  • Themes: The series delves into themes of loyalty, honor, the struggle between good and evil, the complexity of moral choices, and the importance of community and family.
  • Appeal: “Warriors” attracts readers with its detailed world-building, intricate plot lines, and the development of its many characters. The portrayal of the cats’ lives, their battles, friendships, challenges, and adventures, offers a rich and immersive experience.

Reading Order

While you could start with the original series and proceed chronologically through the subsequent series, some readers choose to jump into the Super Editions or novellas to get a different perspective on the world. However, starting from the beginning provides the foundational knowledge of the world and characters, enhancing the overall experience.

The “Warriors” series is not just a tale of cats living in the wild; it’s a saga that explores the depths of loyalty, leadership, and what it means to be part of a community. It’s a compelling universe that continues to grow, drawing in new readers and keeping long-time fans engaged.

Complete Warriors Series In Order

  • Midnight (2005)
  • Moonrise (2005)
  • Dawn (2005)
  • Starlight (2006)
  • Twilight (2006)
  • Sunset (2006)


What is the Warriors series about?

The Warriors series follows clans of wild cats living in the forest. It explores their adventures, conflicts, and the bonds they share, all from a cat’s perspective.

How many books are in the Warriors series?

There are over 70 books in the main Warriors series, divided into several arcs. Additionally, there are spin-offs, manga, and novellas expanding the universe.

Who is the author of the Warriors series?

The Warriors series is primarily authored by Erin Hunter, a pseudonym used by several authors collaborating on the books. The main contributors are Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Victoria Holmes.

What age group is the Warriors series suitable for?

The Warriors series is typically recommended for readers aged 8 to 12, although it has a wide fan base encompassing older readers as well. The themes are suitable for middle-grade readers interested in adventure and animals.


The Warriors series takes readers on an epic journey through the eyes of four clans of wild cats. Its rich storytelling and deep characters make it a must-read for fans of fantasy and animal fiction. The story’s themes of courage, loyalty, and survival resonate with a wide audience, capturing the hearts of readers around the globe.

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