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Optimize your images to fit within 100KB without sacrificing quality, perfect for all your digital needs.

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Over 2 million images optimized! Users love our easy-to-use, efficient tool.

Welcome to On4t’s specialized tool for compressing JPEG images to 100KB! Ideal for web designers, photographers, and anyone needing small, high-quality images, our free tool ensures your photos meet the size limit without losing clarity. It’s efficient, reliable, and absolutely free!

Why Use Our 100KB JPEG Compressor?

  • Conserve Storage: Significantly reduce file sizes to save space on your devices and cloud storage.
  • Facilitate Email Sending: Ensure smooth email deliveries with lightweight attachments.
  • Meet Platform Requirements: Easily adhere to social media and web platform image size restrictions.

How It Works?

  • Upload Your JPEG Image: Drag and drop your file or click to upload.
  • Automatic Compression: Our advanced technology reduces your image size to 100KB while maintaining high quality.
  • Download Your Compressed Image:Instantly save the optimized image to your device.


  • Precision Compression: Maintains image quality while reducing file size to exactly 100KB.
  • ntuitive Interface: User-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience.
  • Lightning-Fast Process: Compress images in just a few seconds.
  • Privacy Guaranteed: Images are processed securely and are not stored or shared.

I've worked with literally hundreds of HTML/CSS developers and I have to say the top spot goes to this guy. This guy is an amazing developer. He stresses on good, clean code and pays heed to the details. I love developers who respect each and every aspect of a thoroughly thought out design and do their best to put it in code. He goes over and beyond and transforms ART into PIXELS - without a glitch, every time.


Miyah Myles



Step 1

Is the tool free to use?
Yes, compressing JPEG images to 100KB is completely free.

Step 1

What image formats are supported?
Currently, the tool supports JPEG images only.

How secure is my data?
Your images are processed securely and are not stored or shared.

Step 1

No Installation Needed
Fully online tool – no software download or installation required.