How To Watch Spy School Series In Order

The Spy School Series is a popular set of books that follows the adventures of a young spy-in-training. Written by Stuart Gibbs, these stories combine humor, mystery, and action, making them a hit among young readers who dream of espionage and secret missions.

In this article, we will discuss the Spy School Series in order. We’ll give you a rundown on each book, helping you to follow the protagonist’s journey from his first day at spy school to his latest top-secret mission.

Understanding Spy School Series

The Spy School series is a set of books about kids training to be spies. It’s written by Stuart Gibbs. The story follows Ben Ripley, a young student who gets invited to a secret spy school. He thinks he’s there because he’s super smart, but soon finds out there’s more to it.

In these books, Ben and his friends go on wild adventures. They solve mysteries, tackle bad guys, and learn about being spies. The series is fun and exciting, making you feel like you’re part of the spy world. It’s easy to read, so everyone can enjoy it.

  • “Spy School” (2012) follows Ben Ripley, a regular kid who gets recruited into a top-secret spy academy. He navigates through intense training, learns spy techniques, and embarks on missions to save the world.
  • In “Spy Camp” (2013), Ben returns to the academy for more adventures. He faces new challenges, encounters dangerous foes, and hones his spy skills alongside his friends. The stakes are higher as they tackle missions with global implications.
  • “Evil Spy School” (2015) sees Ben and his friends facing off against a rival spy organization led by an evil genius. As tensions rise, Ben must use all his training to outsmart the enemy and protect the academy’s secrets.
  • In “Spy Ski School” (2016), Ben and his classmates head to the slopes for a winter training mission. But when a villain threatens to disrupt the Winter Olympics, Ben must race against time to stop them and save the day.
  • “Secret Service” (2017) follows Ben as he graduates from spy school and joins the ranks of the secret service. He faces new challenges, encounters dangerous enemies, and must prove himself as a capable agent.
  • “Goes South” (2018) takes Ben on a mission to South America, where he must uncover a plot to destabilize the region. Along the way, he faces danger, betrayal, and unexpected allies.
  • “British Invasion” (2019) sees Ben traveling to England to stop a plot to assassinate a world leader. With the help of MI6 and his friends, Ben must unravel the conspiracy before it’s too late.
  • “Revolution” (2020) follows Ben as he uncovers a plot to overthrow the government. With the country on the brink of chaos, Ben must race against time to stop the revolutionaries and save the day.
  • “At Sea” (2021) takes Ben on a mission aboard a cruise ship, where he must stop a group of terrorists from launching a devastating attack. As tensions rise, Ben must use all his skills to thwart the threat.
  • “Project X” (2022) sees Ben facing his most dangerous mission yet: infiltrating a rogue spy organization with plans for world domination. With everything on the line, Ben must stay one step ahead of the enemy to save the world.
  • In “Goes North” (2023), Ben is sent to the Arctic to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances. As he delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a shocking conspiracy that could change the course of history.

Complete Spy School Series In Order

  • Spy School (2012)
  • Spy Camp (2013)
  • Evil Spy School (2015)
  • Spy Ski School (2016)
  • Secret Service (2017)
  • Goes South (2018)
  • British Invasion (2019)
  • Revolution (2020)
  • At Sea (2021)
  • Project X (2022)
  • Goes North (2023)

Omnibus editions

  • The Spy School Collection (2016)
  • Spy School vs. Spyder Boxed Set (2019)


What is the reading order for the “Spy School” series?

The “Spy School” series by Stuart Gibbs consists of several books, and it’s best to read them in order to follow the storyline smoothly. The order goes like this: “Spy School,” “Spy Camp,” “Evil Spy School,” “Spy Ski School,” “Spy School Secret Service,” “Spy School Goes South,” and “Spy School British Invasion.”

What age group is the “Spy School” series suitable for?

The “Spy School” series is generally recommended for middle-grade readers, typically ranging from ages 8 to 12. However, older readers who enjoy action-packed adventures with a mix of humor and mystery might also find these books entertaining.

What is the main premise of the “Spy School” series?

The series follows the adventures of a young boy named Ben Ripley who unexpectedly finds himself recruited into a top-secret spy organization known as the CIA’s Academy of Espionage. Throughout the books, Ben navigates through dangerous missions, encounters double agents, and tries to balance the challenges of spy training with everyday middle school life.

Are there any spin-off or related books to the “Spy School” series?

Yes, Stuart Gibbs has written spin-off books that are related to the “Spy School” series. One example is the “Spy Camp” series, which follows some of the characters from the original series on new adventures. Additionally, there are also standalone novels by the same author that feature spies and mystery-solving, such as the “Moon Base Alpha” series.


The Spy School series takes readers on thrilling adventures with its engaging plot and memorable characters. It’s a great pick for young readers who love action and mystery. 

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