How to Save GIF as Mp4?

GIFs are short, looping animations that people like to share. Sometimes, you might want to change a GIF into an MP4 video. This can make the file smaller and easier to share.

In this article, we will discuss how to save GIF as MP4. You will learn simple steps to turn your favorite GIFs into MP4 videos. Let’s get started and make sharing fun and easy!

Why Convert GIF to MP4?

Converting GIFs to MP4 is smart. MP4s are smaller, so they save space on your phone or computer. This helps when you have many files.

MP4s also play smoothly without stopping. GIFs can be choppy, but MP4s are nice and clear. This makes watching videos fun.

Lastly, MP4s work on more devices. Some places can’t play GIFs well. But MP4s play almost everywhere. Want to know how to save GIF as MP4? It’s easy and makes your files better.

Where You Can Save GIF as MP4?

Saving a GIF as an MP4 is easy. First, open your GIF in a video editing tool. Many free apps let you do this. Then, find the option to export or save. Choose MP4 as the format. That’s it!

Another method is using online converters. Upload your GIF to the website. Select MP4 as the output format. Click convert, and download your new MP4 file. It’s simple and quick!

You can also use specific software like On4t MP4 to GIF. Open the GIF, select MP4, and save. Now you know how to save GIF as MP4 easily!

Why to Use On4t  MP4 to GIF ?

Using On4t MP4 to GIF is super easy. You can quickly turn MP4 videos into fun GIFs. This tool helps you share short clips with friends. It’s great for creating memes and funny moments. Just a few clicks and you’re done!

On4t MP4 to GIF is simple and fast. It saves you time when you need to share small video parts. It’s perfect for social media posts. If you need to know how to save GIF as MP4, this tool can help too. It’s very user-friendly.

So, try On4t MP4 to GIF today. You’ll love how easy it is. It’s the best way to make and share cool GIFs.

What is On4t  MP4 to GIF ?

On4t MP4 to GIF is a handy tool that helps you change MP4 videos into GIFs. It’s super easy to use and fast. You just upload your MP4 video and the tool changes it into a GIF in a few seconds.

You might wonder how to save GIF as MP4? On4t MP4 to GIF also lets you do that. Just upload the GIF and it will change it back to an MP4 video for you. It’s really simple and anyone can do it.

This tool is great if you want to share short clips with your friends. GIFs are fun and small, and On4t MP4 to GIF makes creating them really easy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Converting MP4 to GIF

  1. Open Adobe Premiere Pro and import your MP4 file. You can do this by clicking on ‘File’ and then ‘Import.’
  2. Drag your MP4 file to the timeline. This will let you edit the video and prepare it for conversion.
  3. Trim and edit your video as needed. You can cut out parts you don’t want or add effects.
  4. Go to ‘File,’ select ‘Export,’ and then choose ‘Media.’ This will open the export settings.
  5. In the export settings, choose ‘Animated GIF’ as the format. Adjust the settings to your preference, like resolution and frame rate.
  6. Click ‘Export’ to save your GIF. Wait for Premiere Pro to process and export your file.

Benefits of On4t  MP4 to GIF 

On4t MP4 to GIF is a great tool for turning MP4 videos into fun GIFs. It’s very easy to use. You just upload your MP4 video, and it quickly changes it to a GIF. This helps you share short, fun clips with your friends.

One of the big benefits is that it keeps the video quality high. Your GIFs will look clear and smooth. Plus, it works fast, so you don’t have to wait long. If you ever wonder “how to save GIF as MP4?”, On4t can help you with that too.

Another benefit is that On4t MP4 to GIF is free to use. You can make as many GIFs as you want without paying. This makes it a great choice for everyone.


How can I convert a GIF to an MP4 file?

Use an online converter or software to convert GIFs to MP4 format.

Is it possible to save GIFs as MP4 on my phone?

Yes, many mobile apps can convert GIFs to MP4 files.

Do I need to pay to convert GIF to MP4?

No, many free tools and websites are available for converting GIFs to MP4.

Will converting a GIF to MP4 reduce its quality?

The quality is usually maintained, but it can vary depending on the tool used.


Saving a GIF as an MP4 is easy. You use a converter tool. These tools change the GIF file into an MP4 file. This way, your GIF becomes a video.

After converting, you can watch the video on any device. It also saves space on your device. Try converting your favorite GIFs and enjoy them as videos. It’s simple and fun!

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