How to Remove Text From Image Photoshop?

Removing text from an image in Photoshop is a helpful skill. It allows you to make changes to pictures by erasing unwanted words. Photoshop has tools that make this task easy, even for beginners.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove text from image Photoshop. We will guide you through simple steps to help you learn this useful technique. By following these steps, you can make your pictures look clean and perfect.

Remove Text From Image Photoshop AI

1. Using the Clone Stamp Tool

  1. Open your image in Photoshop.
  2. Duplicate the background layer for non-destructive editing.
  3. Select the Clone Stamp Tool from the toolbox.
  4. Alt-click to select a source area similar to the background around the text.
  5. Paint over the text to replace it with the background pixels.
  6. Adjust brush size, opacity, and hardness as needed for seamless blending.

2. Using the Healing Brush Tool

  1. Load your image and select the Healing Brush Tool.
  2. Adjust the brush size to be slightly larger than the text.
  3. Alt-click to set the source area.
  4. Paint over the text, allowing Photoshop to blend it with the surrounding pixels.
  5. Useful for simple backgrounds and minor text elements. 

3. Using the Content-Aware Fill Tool

  1. Open your image and make a selection around the text using the Lasso Tool.
  2. Go to Edit > Fill > Content-Aware Fill.
  3. Photoshop will fill the selected area by analyzing the surrounding pixels.
  4. This method is effective for larger text blocks and complex backgrounds. 

4. Using the Patch Tool

  1. Select the Patch Tool from the toolbar.
  2. Create a selection around the text.
  3. Drag the selection to a clean area of the image to replace the text with the sampled background.
  4. This tool provides real-time feedback and is ideal for patterned or textured backgrounds. 

5. Using the Eraser Tool and Layering Techniques

  1. Open the image and duplicate the layer.
  2. Use the Eraser Tool to remove the text manually.
  3. Alternatively, use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select and delete the text layer if it is separate.
  4. This method is straightforward but may require additional blending for a polished look. 

Remove Text From Picture Online Free


Inpaint is a user-friendly online tool that allows you to remove unwanted text from images effortlessly. Simply upload your image, use the marker tool to highlight the text you want to remove, and click the “Erase” button. The tool will fill in the selected area with surrounding pixels, making the text disappear.


Fotor is a versatile online photo editor that includes a text removal tool. You can use the clone tool to cover up text by copying parts of the image to replace the text. It also offers other features like photo enhancement and effects.


Pixlr offers both basic and advanced photo editing tools, including a text removal feature. Use the clone stamp or heal tool to remove text from images seamlessly. It’s a great free alternative for quick edits.


Photopea is an advanced online photo editor similar to Photoshop. It includes tools like the clone stamp, healing brush, and patch tool to remove text from images. It’s suitable for users who need more precise control over their edits.

Website: Photopea

Extract Text From Image Online Free

Extracting text from a PDF image is simple. If you have a photo of the PDF or take a screenshot, you can upload it to the On4t Image to Text Generator. This tool will help you copy the text from the PDF image easily.

To get started, just go to the On4t website. Then, upload your image, and the tool will quickly extract the text for you. It’s an easy way to get the text you need from any PDF image.

Using On4t, you can save time and avoid typing out the text yourself. It’s the best method for how to copy text from a PDF image. Give it a try and see how simple it is!


Can I delete text from an image using Photoshop?

Yes, Photoshop offers tools like the Clone Stamp and Content-Aware Fill to remove text seamlessly.

Is it easy to remove text without affecting the image quality?

With Photoshop’s tools, you can carefully erase text while preserving the surrounding image quality.

What’s the quickest way to remove unwanted text from a photo?

Use Photoshop’s Healing Brush or Spot Healing Brush for a quick and effective removal process.

Can I undo changes if I make a mistake while removing text?

Yes, Photoshop allows you to use the History panel to undo any unwanted edits during the text removal process.


Removing text from an image in Photoshop is easy and fun. You just need to use tools like the Healing Brush, Clone Stamp, or Content-Aware Fill. These tools help you to make the text disappear and blend the image nicely.

By practicing a bit, you’ll get better and faster. Soon, you’ll be able to remove text from any image like a pro. So, keep experimenting and enjoy editing your photos!

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