Can Grammarly Summarize Text?

Grammarly is a tool that helps people write better. It checks spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing. But can Grammarly summarize text? Summarizing means taking a long piece of text and making it shorter, keeping only the main ideas.

In this article, we will discuss, “Can Grammarly Summarize Text?” We will see if Grammarly can help you make your writing shorter and easier to understand. Let’s find out how it works and if it can summarize text for you.

Why Text Summarization is Difficult For Grammarly?

Text summarization is difficult for Grammarly because it is mainly designed for grammar and style correction. Its primary focus is to improve writing by checking for errors and suggesting better word choices. This makes it hard for Grammarly to understand the main points and create short summaries.

Also, summarizing text needs deep understanding and context. Grammarly’s tools are great for spotting mistakes but not as good at figuring out the key ideas of a text. This makes summarization a tough job for it.

Can Grammarly summarize text? Yes, but not effectively. Its strengths lie in grammar correction, not in capturing the essence of large texts. This is why it struggles with text summarization.

Why to Choose On4t Text Summarization Over Grammarly?

On4t Text Summarization is super easy to use. It quickly shortens long texts into simple summaries. This helps you understand big information fast.

Grammarly is good for fixing grammar. But can Grammarly summarize text? No, it can’t. On4t does it better because it focuses on summarizing.

On4t gives you clear and short summaries. It saves time and makes reading easy. So, choose On4t for quick and easy text summaries!

On4t AI Text Summarizer

The On4t AI Text Summarizer is a powerful tool that helps you quickly summarize long texts. It takes big pieces of writing and makes them shorter. This way, you can understand the main ideas without reading everything.

Unlike Grammarly, which checks grammar and spelling, the On4t AI Text Summarizer focuses on summarizing text. It reads the text and gives you a short version. This helps save time and makes reading easier.

So, can Grammarly summarize text? No, it can’t. But the On4t AI Text Summarizer can do this job perfectly. It’s easy to use and gives you quick results. This makes it a great tool for anyone who needs to summarize text quickly and easily.

How to use AI text summarizer?

  1. Choose a Tool: Select an AI text summarizer tool. There are many options online.
  2. Input Text: Copy and paste the text you want to summarize into the tool.
  3. Select Settings: Choose any specific settings like summary length or key points.
  4. Generate Summary: Click the button to generate the summary.
  5. Review and Edit: Check the summary for accuracy and make any needed edits.
  6. Save or Share: Save the summary or share it as needed.

Benefits of On4t AI Text Summarizer

The On4t AI Text Summarizer helps you quickly get the main points from big texts. It saves time by making long readings short and easy. You don’t need to read everything, just the important parts.

Using On4t is super simple. Just paste your text, and it gives you a summary. It works fast and is easy for everyone to use, even kids.

If you wonder, “Can Grammarly summarize text?” On4t is a great choice. It gives clear and short summaries that help you understand quickly. Try On4t to make reading easier and faster!


Can Grammarly summarize text?

No, Grammarly doesn’t offer a text summarization feature.

Is there a way to summarize text in Grammarly?

Currently, Grammarly focuses on grammar, spelling, and writing enhancements, not summarization.

Does Grammarly have a tool for summarizing articles?

No, Grammarly does not have an article summarizer tool.

Can I use Grammarly to get a summary of my document?

Grammarly cannot generate summaries; it’s designed for editing and improving writing.


Grammarly can’t summarize text. It checks grammar and spelling mistakes. Grammarly also helps with writing style and clarity.

For summarizing text, you need a different tool. Summarizing means taking the main points from a long text and making it short. Grammarly is great for writing better, but it doesn’t make summaries.

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