How to Generate Tags for Youtube Videos?

Tags are important words or phrases that help people find your YouTube videos. They tell YouTube and viewers what your video is about. Using the right tags can make your video easier to find, which means more people will watch it.

In this article, we will discuss how to generate tags for YouTube videos. We will look at easy ways to pick the best tags. You will learn how to make your video popular by using the right tags.

Why Are Tags Important for YouTube Videos?

Tags are very important for YouTube videos. They help people find your videos easily. When you add tags, YouTube understands what your video is about. This way, it shows your video to people who are interested in that topic.

Tags also help in getting more views. If you use the right tags, more people will see your video in search results. Knowing How to Generate Tags for YouTube Videos? is very useful for this reason.

To get the best results, use a tool like On4t YouTube Tag Generator. It helps you find the best tags quickly. With good tags, your video can reach a bigger audience. This means more likes, comments, and subscribers for your channel.

How to Choose the Right Tags for Your YouTube Videos?

To choose the right tags for your YouTube videos, start by using your main keyword as the first tag. This helps YouTube’s algorithm identify the core topic of your video. For instance, if your video is about How to Generate Tags for YouTube Videos, make that your first tag​ ​.

Mix both broad and specific tags. Broad tags attract a wider audience, while specific tags reach viewers looking for precise content. For example, use tags like YouTube tags and video SEO alongside more specific ones like generate YouTube tags or best YouTube tag generator​​.

Look at the tags used by top-ranking videos in your niche. Tools like vidIQ or TubeBuddy can help you see which tags competitors are using. Avoid using too many tags or irrelevant ones, as this can confuse YouTube’s algorithm and hurt your video’s performance​.

How ON4T YouTube Tag Generator Works?

  1. Input your video title and description
  2. On4t Ai Analyses the content to identify optimal tag ideas
  3. We generate a list of ~15 SEO-optimized tag recommendations
  4. Tags include primary keywords, long & short tail variants, and related terms
  5. Review and select the best tags to apply to your video

Step-by-Step Guide to On4t Youtube Tag Generator

  1. Visit the On4t Website: Go to the On4t YouTube Tag Generator website on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Enter Video Title or Topic: Type in the title or main topic of your YouTube video in the provided search box.
  3. Click on ‘Generate Tags’: Click the ‘Generate Tags’ button to start the tag generation process.
  4. Review the Suggested Tags: On4t will display a list of suggested tags relevant to your video. Review these tags carefully.
  5. Select Appropriate Tags: Choose the tags that best match your video’s content. You can select multiple tags.
  6. Copy the Tags: Once you have selected the tags, click the ‘Copy’ button to copy them to your clipboard.
  7. Paste Tags on YouTube: Go to your YouTube video’s settings and paste the copied tags into the tag section.
  8. Save Changes: Save the changes on your YouTube video. Your video is now optimized with the right tags.


Why are tags important for YouTube videos?

Tags help improve your video’s visibility and searchability on YouTube.

How do I choose the right tags for my video?

Focus on relevant keywords that describe your video’s content and topic.

Can I use popular tags from other videos?

Yes, but ensure they are relevant to your content to avoid misleading viewers.

How many tags should I use for each video?

Aim for 5-10 specific tags that accurately represent your video’s subject.


To make good tags for YouTube videos, remember to use words that match your video’s topic. Think about what people might type in the search box. Use a mix of short and long tags to cover different ways people might search.

Making good tags helps more people find your videos. Take your time to choose the best words that describe your video well. This way, your videos can reach a bigger audience and get more views. Happy tagging!

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