Watch Joe Pickett Series In Order

The Joe Pickett series is a collection of novels written by C.J. Box, focusing on the life of Joe Pickett, a game warden in Wyoming. The series is well-loved for its thrilling plots, detailed characters, and the vivid depiction of Wyoming’s landscapes. 

In this article, we will discuss how to watch the Joe Pickett series in order, ensuring you get the most out of the storyline and character development. Whether you’re a new fan or revisiting the series, this guide will help you navigate through Joe Pickett’s adventures seamlessly.

Understanding Joe Pickett Series

The Joe Pickett series is a collection of novels written by C.J. Box. It follows the life of Joe Pickett, a game warden in Wyoming. Joe is a good guy who stands up for what’s right, and he loves the outdoors.

His job leads him into adventures and mysteries that often connect with his personal life and family. Each book in the series introduces a new case or problem that Joe needs to solve. Along the way, he deals with issues affecting the environment, local politics, and his community.

The stories are exciting and make you feel like you’re part of Joe’s world. They’re easy to get into and perfect for anyone who loves a mix of mystery and nature.

Complete Joe Pickett Series In Order

  • Open Season (2001)
  • Savage Run (2002)
  • Winterkill (2003)
  • Trophy Hunt (2004)
    • Dull Knife (2005)
  • Out of Range (2005)
  • In Plain Sight (2006)
    • The Master Falconer (2006)
  • Free Fire (2007)
  • Blood Trail (2008)
  • Below Zero (2009)
  • Nowhere to Run (2010)
  • Cold Wind (2011)
  • Force of Nature (2012)
  • Breaking Point (2013)
  • Stone Cold (2014)
    • Shots Fired (2014)
  • Endangered (2015)
  • Off the Grid (2016)
  • Vicious Circle (2017)
  • The Disappeared (2018)
  • Wolf Pack (2019)
  • Long Range (2020)
  • Dark Sky (2021)
  • Shadows Reel (2022)
  • Storm Watch (2023)
  • Three-Inch Teeth (2024)

“Open Season (2001)”: Introduces Joe Pickett, a game warden, navigating the rugged landscapes of Wyoming. He faces poachers and wildlife threats while protecting nature.

“Savage Run (2002)”: Joe Pickett investigates a series of murders in the mountains. The hunt for a ruthless killer puts him in danger as he uncovers dark secrets.

“Winterkill (2003)”: Pickett investigates illegal hunting on private land, leading to a deadly confrontation with a violent landowner.

“Trophy Hunt (2004)”: Joe faces political corruption and a deadly assassin while trying to stop a controversial wolf hunt.

“Dull Knife (2005)”: Pickett investigates the murder of a local rancher while dealing with family issues and internal conflicts within the community.

“Out of Range (2005)”: Joe Pickett’s search for a missing hunting guide leads him into a dangerous wilderness.

“In Plain Sight (2006)”: Pickett battles against a powerful family involved in illegal activities while trying to protect a young girl.

“The Master Falconer (2006)”: Joe investigates a case involving the illegal trade of endangered falcons while facing personal challenges.

“Free Fire (2007)”: Pickett confronts a militia group in the mountains and must protect his family from danger.

“Blood Trail (2008)”: Joe tracks down a dangerous criminal through the rugged terrain of Wyoming, risking everything to bring him to justice.

“Below Zero (2009)”: Pickett investigates a murder involving a controversial energy project, facing threats from both sides.

“Nowhere to Run (2010)”: Joe Pickett deals with environmental issues and a dangerous fugitive hiding in the wilderness.

“Cold Wind (2011)”: Pickett investigates the disappearance of a wealthy hunter while dealing with harsh winter conditions.

“Force of Nature (2012)”: Joe faces off against a corrupt businessman and his hired mercenaries, risking his life to expose their crimes.

“Breaking Point (2013)”: Pickett confronts a dangerous cult leader threatening his community and must stop them before it’s too late.

“Stone Cold (2014)”: Joe investigates the murder of a local doctor and uncovers a conspiracy involving powerful individuals.

“Shots Fired (2014)”: Pickett deals with the aftermath of a shooting at a wildlife refuge and must protect his family from retaliation.

“Endangered (2015)”: Joe investigates the illegal trade of endangered species and faces off against ruthless poachers.

“Off the Grid (2016)”: Pickett goes off the grid to investigate a series of murders linked to a survivalist group.

“Vicious Circle (2017)”: Joe confronts a deadly enemy from his past while dealing with personal and professional challenges.

“The Disappeared (2018)”: Pickett searches for two missing girls in the wilderness, uncovering a shocking conspiracy.

“Wolf Pack (2019)”: Joe investigates a series of wolf attacks on livestock and must protect the animals from retaliation.

“Long Range (2020)”: Pickett investigates a sniper attack targeting a local rancher, uncovering a deadly conspiracy.

“Dark Sky (2021)”: Joe faces off against a dangerous militia group planning a violent uprising.

“Shadows Reel (2022)”: Pickett investigates a series of murders linked to a shadowy organization, risking everything to uncover the truth.

“Storm Watch (2023)”: Joe Pickett must navigate a violent storm while tracking down a dangerous fugitive.

“Three-Inch Teeth (2024)”: Joe investigates a series of grisly murders in the wilderness, facing off against a deadly predator.


What is the Joe Pickett series in order?

The Joe Pickett series is a collection of mystery novels written by C.J. Box, featuring the titular character, Joe Pickett, a game warden in Wyoming. The series follows Pickett as he navigates through various cases, often involving wildlife, environmental issues, and small-town politics. 

How many books are in the Joe Pickett series?

As of the latest update, there are a total of twenty-one books in the Joe Pickett series, with more possibly in the works. C.J. Box has been consistently adding to the series since the first book, “Open Season,” was published in 2001. The series has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years, drawn to its compelling characters, gripping plotlines, and authentic portrayal of the American West.

Do I need to read the Joe Pickett books in order?

While each book in the Joe Pickett series features a standalone mystery, it’s generally recommended to read them in order. Doing so allows readers to follow the character development of Joe Pickett and his family, as well as any ongoing story arcs that span multiple books. 

What can I expect from the Joe Pickett series?

Readers can expect a compelling blend of mystery, suspense, and outdoor adventure in the Joe Pickett series. C.J. Box’s vivid storytelling brings the rugged Wyoming landscape to life, providing a backdrop for the series’ intricate plots and engaging characters. 


Watching the Joe Pickett series in order is a smart move. This way, you get the full story without any confusion. The characters grow and change in ways that make sense only when you see everything from the start. 

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