The Summer I Turned Pretty Quiz Guide

Jenny Han’s popular The Summer I Turned Pretty books are about growing up during summer vacation. Whether you loved Conrad or Jeremiah more, the story makes you feel all the feelings. We created The Summer I Turned Pretty Quiz for the series’ biggest fans.

It will remind you of all your favorite moments at Cousins Beach from the three books. Get ready to look back on Belly’s first kiss, falling in love, having her heart broken, and becoming her person with The Summer I Turned Pretty Quiz.

With easy questions about the love triangle, the characters, and the best quotes, you will see if you know all the little things that make Han’s summer books unique. Take the quiz to relive the sweet summertime memories you love.

Understanding The Summer I Turned Pretty Quiz

The Summer I Turned Pretty books tells the story of Belly spending summer at the beach. Over a few years, she grows up and falls in love for the first time. Longtime fans can show they know all the little details. Newer fans can remind themselves of the best storylines.  

Taking the quiz lets you look back at everything necessary that happened at Cousins Beach those summers Belly grew up. You remember the feelings and details that make readers love these popular books.

Why does The Summer I Turned Pretty Quiz matter?

The quiz matters because the books matter to so many. Belly’s story stays with readers as they grow up, too. Readers care about her complicated crushes and finding herself. They remember little things that made them laugh and cry.

The quiz brings the book magic back for fans. It asks about memorable lines, scenes, heartbreaks, and joys that interest readers. So, whether they loved the books way back or read them more recently, the quiz helps fans hold onto those summer memories. And feel all those sweet possibilities from when Belly grew up.

Sample The Summer I Turned Pretty Quizzes

Who was Belly’s first kiss?

Conrad (underwater during the Chicken Fight game).

What memorable gift did Jeremiah give Belly?

His old soccer jersey to wear.

Which iconic line does Belly yell at boys?  

“You suck!”

What does Belly discover about her heritage? 

She is part Mexican from her mom’s side.  

[Photo of beach at sunset] Where was this beautiful backdrop?

Cousins Beach house.

What does Conrad finally confess to Belly?

That he has loved her all along.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Type Of Questions Are Asked In The Summer, I Turned Pretty Quiz?

The questions ask about critical characters, relationships, dramatic scenes, and memorable dialogue from the three books in the summer series. They test knowledge of essential plot points in Belly’s journey.

What If I Haven’t Read The Books For The Summer I Turned Pretty Quiz In A while?

The quiz is designed to jog your memory about beloved elements from the series. Answering will let you revisit nostalgic moments from the books and characters, even if it’s been a while

Do I Need To Reread The Books For The Summer I Turned Pretty To Take The Quiz?

You do not necessarily need a refresher before the quiz if you have read the series. Part of the fun is seeing what details you remember about those emotional, coming-of-age summers from Belly’s youth.

Does The Summer I Turned Pretty Quiz Only Focus On The Love Triangle?

While romantic relationships are part of it, questions also cover broader memories of critical scenes, Belly’s growth into a young woman, special moments between girlfriends, and more poignant aspects beyond potential crushes.  

Is The Summer I Turned Pretty quiz Timed?

There is no pressure of a time limit! The quiz is meant to be a playful stroll down memory lane at your own pace to soak in the nostalgia of Belly’s iconic summers all over again.


In conclusion, “The Summer I Turned Pretty Quiz” is more than just a test about a book or show. It brings fans together, letting them share experiences and talk about what they love. The quiz is fun and makes people feel connected to the story. 

It is not just for promoting stuff but also for fans to enjoy and celebrate the characters and moments from the story. As people take the quiz, they are not just answering questions. They are part of a community that loves the same things.

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