The Selection Trilogy Order

The Selection Trilogy Order is a popular topic among fans of young adult literature. It refers to the sequence in which the books in Kiera Cass’s captivating trilogy should be read. The trilogy comprises The Selection, The Elite, and The One, each following the journey of protagonist America Singer in a dystopian society.

In this article, we will discuss the recommended order for reading The Selection Trilogy. We’ll explore why following the sequence of these novels enhances the reader’s experience, diving into the captivating world created by Kiera Cass.

Understanding The Selection Trilogy

The Selection trilogy, written by Kiera Cass, is a blend of romance, dystopian fiction, and reality TV-style drama, aimed primarily at young adults. It’s set in a fictional country called Illéa, which has a strict caste system. The series revolves around America Singer, who is from a lower caste and gets chosen to compete in the Selection—a competition where 35 girls vie for the heart of Prince Maxon and the chance to become the next queen of Illéa. Here’s a breakdown to help you understand the trilogy better:

The Main Plot

  • The Selection: The first book introduces us to America Singer and the world of Illéa. America is selected to compete in the Selection against other girls from various castes for Prince Maxon’s affection. Although she initially joins only for the monetary rewards and at her family’s encouragement, America gradually finds herself drawn to Maxon, complicating her feelings for her secret first love, Aspen, who is from a lower caste.
  • The Elite: The competition narrows down to the Elite, the top six contestants, and the stakes get higher. The book dives deeper into the political unrest in Illéa and the rebels attacking the palace. America’s feelings for Maxon grow, but her relationship with Aspen also takes new turns, leaving her torn.
  • The One: The final installment sees America making her final decision between Maxon and Aspen while navigating the intensifying rebel attacks and political intrigue. The competition concludes with dramatic twists, and America must decide where her heart truly lies, all while playing a crucial role in the future of Illéa.

Themes and Elements

  • Romance and Love Triangle: At the heart of the series is the love triangle between America, Maxon, and Aspen. America’s struggle with her feelings for both men drives much of the plot.
  • Social Commentary: The caste system in Illéa serves as a backdrop for exploring themes of social inequality, discrimination, and the quest for justice.
  • Female Empowerment: America’s character development reflects themes of empowerment and self-discovery, as she grows from a reluctant participant into a strong contender for the crown and a voice for change.
  • Political Intrigue and Rebellion: The series is not just a romance; it delves into the politics of Illéa, the rebel factions with differing agendas, and the monarchy’s secrets, providing a layer of suspense and action.

Reception and Legacy

The trilogy was well-received for its engaging blend of genres, though it also faced criticism for certain tropes and predictability. It sparked a devoted fanbase, discussions about its depiction of societal issues, and analyses of its characters’ development. Following the success of the initial trilogy, Kiera Cass expanded the series with additional books that explore the world of Illéa beyond America Singer’s story, including The Heir and The Crown, which follow the next generation.

The Selection trilogy is appreciated for its entertainment value, emotional depth, and the way it captures the imagination of its audience, making it a standout series in the young adult genre.

Complete The Selection Trilogy Order

  • The Selection (2012)
  • The Prince (2013)
  • The Elite (2013)
  • The Guard (2014)
  • The One (2014)
  • The Queen (2014)
  • The Heir (2015)
  • The Favorite (2015)
  • The Crown (2016)


What is the recommended reading order for The Selection trilogy?

For the optimal experience, start with The Selection, followed by The Elite, and conclude with The One. This sequence ensures the natural progression of the story and character development.

Can I read The Selection books as standalone novels?

While each book contains a self-contained story arc, reading them in order enhances your understanding of the characters’ growth and the overarching plot. It’s advisable to read them sequentially for the best experience.

Are there any spin-offs or companion novels related to The Selection trilogy?

Yes, there are companion novels such as The Heir and The Crown, which expand on the original trilogy’s world and introduce new characters. While not essential, they offer additional insights into the series’ universe.

Is The Selection trilogy suitable for young adult readers?

Indeed, The Selection trilogy is tailored for young adult audiences, blending romance, dystopian themes, and intrigue. Its engaging narrative and relatable characters make it a compelling choice for readers looking for an entertaining escape.


The Selection Trilogy takes readers on a journey through romance, societal challenges, and personal growth. It’s a series that mixes elements of reality TV with royal intrigue, making it a unique read for fans of young adult fiction.

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