The Giver Series In Order

“The Giver series” refers to a collection of novels penned by Lois Lowry, renowned for its captivating narrative and thought-provoking themes. Set in dystopian societies, each book offers a unique perspective on the human condition, exploring complex topics such as conformity, freedom, and individuality. The series has garnered widespread acclaim for its compelling storytelling and profound insights into the complexities of humanity.

In this article, we will discuss the chronological order of The Giver series, offering readers a guide to delve into the captivating world crafted by Lois Lowry.

Understanding The Giver Series 

“The Giver” series, penned by Lois Lowry, is a thought-provoking quartet of dystopian novels that delve into themes of memory, freedom, and the essence of humanity. The series consists of “The Giver” (1993), “Gathering Blue” (2000), “Messenger” (2004), and “Son” (2012). Each book, while connected, explores unique societies with different rules and structures, raising questions about the individual’s role in society, the importance of memory and pain, and the concept of freedom. Here’s a brief look at each:

  • The Giver: The first novel introduces readers to a seemingly utopian society that has eliminated pain and strife by converting to “Sameness,” a plan that eradicates emotional depth from people’s lives. The protagonist, Jonas, is selected to be the Receiver of Memory, the person who keeps all the past memories of the time before Sameness. As Jonas receives these memories from the Giver, he becomes aware of the depth of human experience, including both its joys and pains, leading him to question the cost of his society’s conformity and sameness.
  • Gathering Blue: This book shifts focus to a different society, where the disabled or weak are left to die. The protagonist, Kira, is a young girl with a crippled leg who is spared because of her skill in weaving. The narrative explores themes of creativity, the power of art, and the manipulation of history and culture for the control of society, contrasting sharply with the controlled, emotionless environment of “The Giver.”
  • Messenger: This third installment links the first two books, centering around Matty, a character introduced in “Gathering Blue.” Matty lives in a village that serves as a haven for those fleeing from various repressive societies. As he discovers his own supernatural gift, the village begins to close itself off from the outside world, leading to a dramatic climax that underscores the series’ themes of sacrifice, the nature of evil, and the power of healing.
  • Son: The final book ties together the threads of the previous novels, focusing on Claire, a birthmother from the same community as Jonas, who embarks on a quest to find her son after he is taken from her. Her journey spans the settings of the previous books, exploring the maternal bond, the lengths a mother will go to for her child, and the resolution of the series’ overarching conflicts and themes.

Together, these books offer a rich examination of dystopian societies, probing questions about individuality, societal norms, control, and freedom. Lowry uses these varied settings and characters to show the importance of human connection, memory, and emotion in defining what it means to live a fulfilling life.

Complete The Giver Series In Order

  • The Giver (1993)
  • Gathering Blue (2000)
  • Messenger (2004)
  • Son (2012)


1. What is “The Giver” series about?

“The Giver” series follows a dystopian society where emotions are suppressed. It explores themes of individuality, memory, and freedom through characters like Jonas and Gabe.

2. How many books are in “The Giver” series?

There are four books in the series: “The Giver,” “Gathering Blue,” “Messenger,” and “Son.” Each book builds on the world created in the first book but focuses on different characters and aspects of society.

3. Do I need to read the books in order?

While each book can stand alone, reading them in order provides a deeper understanding of the world and its characters. Starting with “The Giver” sets the foundation for the rest of the series.

4. Who is the author of “The Giver” series?

The series is written by Lois Lowry, an acclaimed author known for her exploration of complex themes in young adult literature. Her unique storytelling style captivates readers of all ages.


The Giver series follows Jonas and his journey in a dystopian world, exploring themes of memory, emotion, and freedom. It progresses through “Gathering Blue,” “Messenger,” and “Son,” each adding depth to the narrative.

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