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Speechjar Review: Is It a Reliable Option to Create VoiceOvers for Videos?

speechjar review: is it a reliable option to create voiceovers for videos?

Reading a lengthy text with complete attention isn't an easy chore. This also becomes more challenging for individuals with visual impairment or dyslexia. People having low vision also find it hard to read a script. Similarly, generating natural-sounding text to speech voices is also a herculean task. You need to be highly competent and talented and require years of practice to generate perfect voiceovers. 

Speechjar is certainly a famous name that allows you to create human-sounding ai voices for videos in the simplest way. Text-to-speech helps teachers, YouTubers, podcasters, and many others who desire to create promotional videos, explainer movies, audiobooks, and sales videos.

In today's blog post, we will do a Speechjar review, look at its features and find out if it's worth investing in. Therefore, we advise you to read this blog till the end to know everything about this online text to Speech tool. 

Speechjar: A Quick Overview

Speechjar is a cloud-based software that allows its users to translate text to voice. This also enables you to convert your voice into text, which is commonly known as audio transcription. Besides, the tool supports 30 languages. Another unique feature of Speechjar is speech-to-speech conversion. We will discuss these features one by one.

Speech to Text

The online tool doesn't restrict its users from getting the assistance of its services and allows countless voiceovers. Moreover, the tool allows you to generate natural, high-quality, and engaging voiceovers for unlimited videos in different languages.

Speech to Speech

Speechjar has a unique feature that enables its users to create their own voiceovers for different projects. This means no matter what type of project you are working on; you will not violate copyright restrictions.

Speech to Text & Speech to Speech

This is another remarkable feature of Speechjar that helps users transform their voices into text and then convert this text to produce voiceovers. Speech to speech feature will automatically convert your first voice input into written text and then transform it into speech.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Speechjar

Below are a few major benefits and drawbacks of the Speechjar tool. 


Simple and Easy to Operate: The tool doesn't demand any prior knowledge or experience in creating voiceovers. It allows users to generate appealing voiceovers for videos without facing any complications.

Affordable Pricing: Speechjar offers lifetime plans to its users that make it an economical option to create a voiceover for videos.

Money-back Guarantee: The Text to Speech online tool offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don't like Speechjar, you can get your money back. 


Limit of Words: 

The biggest con of Speechjar is that it allows you to convert only up to 600 words in a single go.

Limited Voices: 

Speechjar doesn't offer a vast collection of voices as you find in other advanced online text-to-speech tools such as the On4t TTS  tool.

Robotic Sounds: 

The quality of the voiceover generated with Speechjar is extremely low as compared to On4T's Ai voice generator. People can easily detect the sound generated with AI, which reduces its attraction.

Poor Editing Features: 

This online Text-to-speech lacks offering customization features, as you can find on On4T's text-to-voice generator. Moreover, On4t allows you to create, listen and save voiceovers from a single page. But, Speechjar requires you to visit different pages to generate and download voiceovers. You cannot combine multiple audio files in Speechjar. 

No Preview: 

Unlike On4t, you don't have any Preview option in Speechjar that allows you to examine your generated voiceover results. 

Speechjar Voice Samples


Speechjar Pricing plan

The cloud-based Text to Speech online utility has a one-time pricing plan of $37, which enables you to access and use this tool for a lifetime.

The primary features that are available in commercial license include:

  • Convert text to speech (600 words in a single turn)
  • Speech to Text (3-Minutes)
  • Speech to Speech (3-Minutes)
  • Supports 30 Languages
  • Voiceover Creation Training
  • Commercial License
  • Facebook Group
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Why Choose On4t's Text To Speech Online Tool over Speechjar?

On4t offers AI-powered text-to-speech tools to its users that help in converting written text to audio. The facility is based on advanced algorithms that offer natural-sounding voiceover results in no time. This Text-to-speech supports more than 70 languages and up to 500 voices. With this online Ai voice generator, you can generate Text To Speech voices for your videos in both male and female voices.

Here are the benefits of choosing On4t's text-to-speech tool over Speechjar

  • Incredible voiceover quality
  • A variety of voice Styles are available (angry, cheerful, emphatic, etc.)
  • Convert up to 12000 characters in a single go
  • Combine multiple audio files
  • Supports 70 languages
  • 500+ voices
  • Narration support
  • Emphasize Words (Draw graph)
  • Advanced customization options (adjust voice, pitch, etc, specific sentences)

Voice Samples of On4T's Text-to-Voice Generator:


Final Words

Speechjar is certainly a good option for individuals who desire to generate Ai voices without spending a huge amount of money. However, this TTS tool has many restrictions and drawbacks that affect the quality of voiceovers. On the other hand, On4T's Online Text to Speech is a highly advanced utility that provides an opportunity to generate human-sounding ai voices in no time. So, if you are looking for a robust solution to produce quality AI voiceover, then On4T's text-to-audio tool is the best.