150+ Top Panda Names

Pandas are beloved animals known for their cute appearance and playful nature. When it comes to naming these fluffy creatures, choosing the perfect name is important, as it often reflects their personality and uniqueness.

In this article, we will discuss 150+ Top Panda Names, offering a variety of choices to fit any panda’s character. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, quirky, or inspired by nature, you’ll find plenty of options to consider.

Understanding Pandas

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50+ Popular Panda Names

  1. Bao
  2. Mei
  3. Ling
  4. Huan
  5. Zhen
  6. Lei
  7. Ying
  8. Ping
  9. Qing
  10. Jia
  11. Feng
  12. Xiu
  13. Yang
  14. Yu
  15. Ai
  16. Long
  17. Lian
  18. Ming
  19. Ning
  20. Qi
  21. Rui
  22. Shan
  23. Tao
  24. Wei
  25. Xi
  26. Zhi
  27. Zhu
  28. Bamboo
  29. Paws
  30. Fluffy
  31. Snowball
  32. Luna
  33. Po
  34. Coco
  35. Munchkin
  36. Oreo
  37. Tofu
  38. Gizmo
  39. Marshmallow
  40. Nugget
  41. Pudding
  42. Sushi
  43. Teddy
  44. Whiskers
  45. Yogi
  46. Bubbles
  47. Chubby
  48. Doodle
  49. Fuzzy
  50. Giggles
  51. Honey
  52. Jellybean
  53. Muffin
  54. Nibbles
  55. Pebbles

50+ Panda Names Inspired by Famous Pandas

  1. Chi Chi
  2. An An
  3. Xin Xing
  4. Su Lin
  5. Hua Mei
  6. Tai Shan
  7. Mei Lan
  8. Zhen Zhen
  9. Lun Lun
  10. Yang Yang
  11. Tuan Tuan
  12. Yuan Yuan
  13. Bao Bao
  14. Bei Bei
  15. Ying Ying
  16. Le Le
  17. Qi Zai
  18. Tian Tian
  19. Mei Xiang
  20. Gao Gao
  21. Bai Yun
  22. Shi Shi
  23. Xiao Liwu
  24. Pan Pan
  25. Meng Meng
  26. Jia Jia
  27. Wu Wen
  28. Xing Ya
  29. Ya Ya
  30. Le Le
  31. Xiang Xiang
  32. Tuan Tuan
  33. You You
  34. Ai Bao
  35. Shuan Shuan
  36. Xin Xin
  37. Hao Hao
  38. Xing Hui
  39. Da Mao
  40. Er Shun
  41. Jiao Qing
  42. Meng Meng
  43. Shuang Shuang
  44. Ya Lun
  45. Xi Lun
  46. Qiao Qiao
  47. Ke Lin
  48. Ke Bi
  49. Rauhin
  50. Fuhin
  51. Saihin

50+ Cool and Creative Panda Names

  1. Bamboozle
  2. Pandalorian
  3. ZenPaws
  4. MysticMunch
  5. BambooBandit
  6. PuffPanda
  7. FrostFur
  8. VelvetPaw
  9. CocoCuddles
  10. WhisperBamboo
  11. EclipseEar
  12. NoirNose
  13. MosaicMoon
  14. PixelPaw
  15. SableSnuggle
  16. GlimmerGaze
  17. PuddlePaw
  18. FableFur
  19. MarbleMunch
  20. LunaLeaf
  21. OreoOrbit
  22. TundraTumble
  23. WillowWisp
  24. PebblePaws
  25. BreezyBamboo
  26. SolsticeSnout
  27. DuskDancer
  28. TwilightTuft
  29. NebulaNap
  30. RiddleRoamer
  31. DriftDream
  32. SerenityStripe
  33. HazyHug
  34. MirageMuffin
  35. FrostyFern
  36. StarrySnout
  37. EmberEye
  38. AzureAmble
  39. EchoEars
  40. MistyMeadow
  41. CloverCub
  42. VortexVision
  43. WhisperWind
  44. TangoTummy
  45. QuakeQuill
  46. RuffleRoot
  47. ZephyrZen
  48. SparkleSnack
  49. BlazeBelly
  50. ThunderThicket
  51. SprinkleSnooze
  52. CrystalCuddle
  53. FlashFrost
  54. GlimmerGiant

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Panda Names

Choosing the right panda name can be fun but tricky. It’s important to pick a name that fits the panda’s personality and looks. Think about the panda’s behavior, like if it’s playful or calm, to get ideas.

A good panda name should be easy to say and remember. Try names that sound soft or are linked to nature, as pandas are from the forest. Ask friends or family for their ideas too, they might think of the perfect name.

Also, consider names from the panda’s homeland, China, for an authentic touch. Names like “Bao” (treasure) or “Ming” (bright) can be perfect. Choosing the right panda name can be a fun way to connect with these amazing animals.


What are some popular panda names?

Popular panda names include names like Po, Mei Mei, Bao Bao, Tai Shan, and Le Le.

Do pandas have names in the wild?

In the wild, pandas do not have names like domesticated animals. They are typically identified by their characteristics and locations.

Are panda names based on their appearance?

Yes, panda names are often based on their physical characteristics or personalities. For example, a panda with black patches around its eyes might be named ‘Panda Express.’

Can I suggest a name for a panda in a zoo?

Many zoos allow the public to suggest names for new panda cubs. It’s a fun way for the community to get involved in naming these adorable creatures.


Choosing the right name for your panda is a fun task. The list of 150+ top panda names we’ve shared offers a variety of options to suit any panda’s personality. Remember, a good name sticks easily and reflects your panda’s unique traits. And for creative naming, on4t font generator is your best pick. It’s simple to use and always delivers great results. Enjoy naming your panda!

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