Notevibes Review: Does It Worth It?

Notevibes is a text-to-speech software that’s grabbing attention for its ability to convert written text into a natural-sounding voice. It’s designed for people who need audio versions of their documents, like students, professionals, or anyone who prefers listening over reading.

In this article, we will discuss how Notevibes works, its features, and what makes it stand out. We’ll also look at user feedback to give you a clear picture of its performance and value.

What is Notevibes ?

Notevibes is a website that offers text-to-speech services. It converts written text into spoken words using artificial voices. This helps make audio from written stuff, like turning a document into a voiceover.

The site has different voice options and languages. You can pick a voice that fits your need, like for a presentation or a video. Notevibes is used by people who need to make spoken versions of texts for various reasons.

It’s user-friendly, meaning it’s easy to use. You just type or paste your text, choose a voice, and the site creates the audio. This is handy for creating voiceovers or audiobooks quickly.

What are the Features of Notevibes

Wide Voice Selection

Wide Voice Selection is a key feature of Notevibes. It offers over 225 voices in 25 languages. These voices are sourced from leading tech firms like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM.

This variety allows users to pick the perfect voice for their needs. Whether for personal or business use, Notevibes’ vast selection meets diverse demands. This feature makes it user-friendly and versatile, suitable for various applications.

Global Use

Notevibes is a popular voice-generation tool. People from over 150 countries use it, totaling more than 25,000 users globally. It’s known for its reliability and quality. Many choose Notevibes for its easy-to-use features.

It helps in creating natural-sounding voices. This makes it a top choice for users worldwide. Its global use showcases its wide acceptance and trust in different countries.

Realistic Voiceovers

Realistic voiceovers are a key feature of Notevibes. This tool offers voices that sound like real people. It’s a budget-friendly choice compared to hiring voice actors.

You can use it for various video projects. Its simplicity makes it user-friendly. Notevibes is ideal for creators needing quality voiceovers without spending much.

Advanced Editor

The “Advanced Editor” is a cool part of Notevibes. It lets you play with sound. You can make pauses, talk fast or slow, and make the voice high or low.

You can also make it loud or soft. Save your sounds as MP3 or WAV. This tool makes changing audio easy and fun. Perfect for anyone to use!

Pros and Cons of Notevibes


  • Wide Range of Languages and Voices
  • Excellent Customization Options
  • Great for Commercial Use


  • Hefty Price Tag for Commercial Plans
  • High Learning Curve


Notevibes offers three main packages for different users. The Personal Pack is $8 per month with a yearly bill of $96. It’s for private use and includes 1 million characters per year and 225 voices in 21 languages.

The Commercial Pack costs $90 per month, billed yearly at $1080. It’s for business use like YouTube and voiceover work, offering 12 million characters and 225+ voices in 25 languages. It also allows the redistributing of audio files and includes a team license.

The Corporate Pack is for larger teams with special support and unlimited characters. Prices are not listed; interested users must contact for details. There is also a Pay-as-you-go option for extra characters at $49 for 400,000 characters, for personal use.

Notevibes Honest Review

Notevibes is a text-to-speech website. It changes text into voice. This is good for making voiceovers. It has many voices and languages, which is great for different needs.

But, Notevibes can be costly for business use and hard to learn. Its advanced features take time to understand. Still, it’s good for making natural-sounding audio.

In short, Notevibes is good for turning text into voice. It’s user-friendly but can be pricey and tricky to learn. It’s useful for many projects because of its voice variety.

Final Words

Notevibes offers a solid text-to-speech experience with a range of voices and languages. It’s user-friendly and suitable for various needs.

On4t TTS stands out for its realistic voice quality, adding a natural touch to your projects. Both tools are great for making your texts come alive with voice.

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