Top 100+ Names That Start With Ath

Names that start with “Ath” are quite special and not too common. Many people like these names because they sound nice and are a bit different. These names come from many places in the world and can mean different things. They are great options if you are thinking of what to name a new baby.

In this article, we will discuss the Top 100+ Names That Start With Ath. We are going to look at where these names come from, what they mean, and share some interesting things about them. 

How to Choose Names That Start With Ath?

Choosing names that start with Ath can be fun and unique. These names often have a strong, distinct sound that stands out. When picking such names, think about the overall flow and how it pairs with the surname.

It’s good to understand the meaning behind “Names That Start With Ath.” Some might have historical or cultural significance. Knowing this can make the name more special.

Also, consider how easy it is to say and spell the name. Names that start with “Ath” can be unique, but you want to make sure it’s not too complicated for daily use. Simple is often best!

Making Your ‘Ath’ Name Unique

Making your ‘Ath’ name unique is all about being creative. Names that start with ‘Ath’ are special. They stand out and sound strong. But to make yours even more unique, think outside the box. Mix in unusual letters or blend in words that mean something to you.

A unique ‘Ath’ name catches attention. It’s not just another name in the crowd. By adding your own twist, you make it yours. People remember unique names. They spark interest and curiosity.

Top 20+ Names That Start With Ath

  1. Athaliah
  2. Athalie
  3. Athena
  4. Athene
  5. Atherton
  6. Athos
  7. Attlee
  8. Atkinson
  9. Atlee
  10. Atley
  11. Atlanta
  12. Atlantic
  13. Atlantis
  14. Atlas
  15. Atley
  16. Atticus
  17. Attila
  18. Atreus
  19. Atreyu
  20. Attlee
  21. Atrin
  22. Atrius
  23. Atreides
  24. Atreyu
  25. Athanasius
  26. Athanasia
  27. Athenodorus
  28. Athenais
  29. Athelstan

Top 30+ Names That Start With Ath for your Baby

  1. Athanasius
  2. Athanasia
  3. Athena
  4. Athene
  5. Atherton
  6. Athos
  7. Attlee
  8. Atlee
  9. Atlanta
  10. Atlantic
  11. Atlantis
  12. Atlas
  13. Atley
  14. Atticus
  15. Attila
  16. Atreus
  17. Atreyu
  18. Atrin
  19. Atrius
  20. Atreides
  21. Atreyu
  22. Athelstan
  23. Athar
  24. Athdara
  25. Athaliah
  26. Athalie
  27. Athazagoras
  28. Athracht
  29. Athtar
  30. Atticus-finch
  31. Atta
  32. Athaan
  33. Atharv
  34. Athaulf
  35. Athelstane
  36. Athemar
  37. Athew
  38. Athras
  39. Athwulff
  40. Athy
  41. Ati
  42. Atif
  43. Atilla
  44. Atim

Best 10+ Names to Start With Ath for Baby Boy

  1. Athanasius
  2. Athen
  3. Ather
  4. Athos
  5. Attlee
  6. Atlas
  7. Atley
  8. Atticus
  9. Atreus
  10. Atreyu

Best 10+ Names to Start With Ath for Baby Girl

  1. Athena
  2. Athene
  3. Atlanta
  4. Athalia
  5. Athalie
  6. Athdara
  7. Athina
  8. Athraa
  9. Atheena
  10. Atiya

Best Clever 30 Names to Start With Ath

  1. Athena
  2. Athene
  3. Athanasius
  4. Athalia
  5. Athalie
  6. Atlanta
  7. Atlantic
  8. Atherton
  9. Athos
  10. Attlee
  11. Atlas
  12. Atley
  13. Atticus
  14. Atrin
  15. Atrius
  16. Atreus
  17. Atreyu
  18. Atreides
  19. Athelstan
  20. Athar
  21. Athdara
  22. Athracht
  23. Athtar
  24. Attila
  25. Athan
  26. Athen
  27. Ather
  28. Athazagoras
  29. Athras
  30. Athy


What are some popular names that start with “Ath”?

Names like Athena, Athaliah, and Atherton are some examples of names that start with “Ath.”

What is the meaning of the name “Athena”?

The name “Athena” is of Greek origin and is associated with the goddess of wisdom and warfare in Greek mythology.

Are there any famous individuals with names that start with “Ath”?

Yes, there are famous individuals with names like Athiya Shetty and Athan Karras.

Can you suggest unique names that start with “Ath” for a baby girl?

Certainly! Unique names like Athalinda and Athalyn could be considered.


We explored more than 100 names starting with Ath, offering a variety of unique options. This selection is perfect for anyone searching for a distinctive name. Picking the right name is important as it carries identity and heritage. And if you’re looking to style these names creatively, try the On4t Font Generator. It’s a great tool to give any name a unique and artistic twist.

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