Best 150+ Names for Black Horses

Choosing the right name for a black horse can be quite a task. It’s not just about picking a name; it’s about finding one that truly matches the majestic beauty and strong personality of these stunning creatures.

In this article, we will discuss the best 150+ names for black horses. From classic to unique, we’ve gathered a diverse list to help you find the perfect name that resonates with your horse’s spirit and character.

What Makes a Great Name for a Black Horse?

Choosing a great name for a black horse is fun. Names for black horses often reflect their elegant look and strong personality. Pick a name that feels special and suits the horse’s character.

It’s nice to think about the horse’s traits when picking a name. Names for black horses can be inspired by their speed, grace, or even fictional characters known for their strength and mystery. Simple, catchy names are easy to remember and can show the horse’s unique spirit.

Names for black horses should sound good and be easy to call out. It’s good to try saying the name out loud to see if it fits. A great name makes bonding with the horse more special.

Top 80+ Trendy Names for Black Horses in 2024

  1. Midnight
  2. Onyx
  3. Shadow
  4. Raven
  5. Eclipse
  6. Nightfall
  7. Luna
  8. Starlight
  9. Thunder
  10. Storm
  11. Blaze
  12. Spirit
  13. Rebel
  14. Premium
  15. Ebony
  16. Riot
  17. Ranger
  18. Scout
  19. Smokey
  20. Sable
  21. Pepper
  22. Jet
  23. Ace
  24. Bandit
  25. Zorro
  26. Mystery
  27. Coco
  28. Licorice
  29. Royal
  30. Prince
  31. Knight
  32. Warrior
  33. Ninja
  34. Phantom
  35. Ghost
  36. Haze
  37. Satin
  38. Velvet
  39. Midnight Blue
  40. Pitch
  41. Caviar
  42. Galaxy
  43. Cosmos
  44. Nebula
  45. Eclipse
  46. Orion
  47. Jupiter
  48. Apollo
  49. Nova
  50. Zenith
  51. Equinox
  52. Solstice
  53. Twilight
  54. Dusk
  55. Noir
  56. Smoky Quartz
  57. Raven
  58. Renegade
  59. Rogue
  60. Shadowfax
  61. Nighthawk
  62. Batman
  63. Zodiac
  64. Karma
  65. Mystique
  66. Spirit
  67. Ember
  68. Phoenix
  69. Vanta
  70. Vesper
  71. Sphinx
  72. Hemlock
  73. Sage
  74. Basil
  75. Gomez
  76. Binx
  77. Jett
  78. Inky
  79. Spooky
  80. Mystic

30+ Unique and Uncommon Names for Black Horses

  1. Onyx
  2. Raven
  3. Midnight Blue
  4. Caviar
  5. Nebula
  6. Eclipse
  7. Hemlock
  8. Basil
  9. Nocturne
  10. Cinder
  11. Coal
  12. Sable
  13. Zodiac
  14. Mystique
  15. Runic
  16. Vesper
  17. Sphinx
  18. Jetstream
  19. Shadowfax
  20. Darkstar
  21. Nightshade
  22. Sirius
  23. Vanta
  24. Batwing
  25. Licorice
  26. Peppercorn
  27. Pitch
  28. Dusky
  29. Phantom
  30. Bluemoon
  31. Smoky Quartz
  32. Tempest
  33. Talisman
  34. Soot
  35. Ink
  36. Spirit

50 Names Inspired by Famous Black Horses in History

  1. Seabiscuit
  2. Secretariat
  3. Foolish Pleasure
  4. Native Dancer
  5. War Admiral
  6. Whirlaway
  7. Sunday Silence
  8. Seattle Slew
  9. Affirmed
  10. American Pharoah
  11. California Chrome
  12. Justify
  13. Black Gold
  14. Count Fleet
  15. Gallant Fox
  16. Omaha
  17. Sir Barton
  18. Man o’ War
  19. Seattle Slew
  20. Spectacular Bid
  21. Ruffian
  22. Zenyatta
  23. Rachel Alexandra
  24. Personal Ensign
  25. Swale
  26. Alysheba
  27. Point Given
  28. Curlin
  29. Cigar
  30. Easy Goer
  31. Ghostzapper
  32. Smarty Jones
  33. Funny Cide
  34. Silver Charm
  35. Real Quiet
  36. Charismatic
  37. Mine That Bird
  38. War Emblem
  39. Carry Back
  40. Northern Dancer
  41. Secretariat
  42. Seattle Slew
  43. Affirmed
  44. American Pharoah
  45. Justify
  46. Whirlaway
  47. Count Fleet
  48. Gallant Fox
  49. Omaha
  50. Man o’ War

Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Black Horse

Choosing the perfect name for your black horse is important. Names for black horses should reflect their beauty and strength. You might want to think about names that bring out their elegant color.

Names for black horses can come from many places. You can look at names that mean “dark” or “night” in different languages. Or, you can pick names of famous black horses from stories or history.

It’s fun to pick a name for your horse. The name should make you happy every time you say it. Remember, a good name will suit your horse’s personality and make a strong bond between you two.


What are some unique names for black horses?

Some unique names for black horses include Onyx, Shadow, Eclipse, Midnight, and Raven.

Can you suggest traditional names for black horses?

Traditional names for black horses often include Black Beauty, Ebony, Coal, and Inkwell.

Are there any famous black horses with interesting names?

Yes, there are famous black horses like Black Stallion and Black Beauty that have gained popularity for their names.

Do horse names reflect their personality or characteristics?

Yes, horse names can reflect their personality or characteristics. For example, names like Thunder can signify a spirited horse, while names like Velvet may denote a gentle nature.


Choosing the right name for a black horse is both fun and important. Our list of 150+ names offers a wide range of choices to match your horse’s unique personality and style. Remember, a name like On4t font generator can add a creative twist, making the name visually appealing on paper. Pick a name that feels right and enjoy the bond it creates between you and your horse.

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