How to Convert Mp4 Into Animated GIF?

Converting an MP4 video into an animated GIF is easy. A GIF is a small, moving picture. You can change a part of a video into a GIF. People use GIFs to show funny clips, short scenes, or cool animations.

In this article, we will discuss how to convert MP4 into animated GIF. You will learn how to choose the best part of the video and turn it into a GIF. This guide is simple and easy to follow.

Why to Use GIFs Rather than Mp4?

GIFs are small and quick. They load fast, even on slow internet. This makes them great for sharing fun moments or short clips. You can easily see the whole GIF in a few seconds.

MP4s are longer and take more space. They are good for full videos but not for short and simple clips. GIFs are better when you want to show something quick and funny.

Converting an MP4 into an animated GIF is easy. There are tools to help you do this. Just upload your MP4 and get a GIF. This way, you can share short clips easily. So, if you want something fast and simple, use GIFs. Remember, it’s easy to learn How to Convert Mp4 Into Animated GIF.

What is On4t MP4 to GIF?

Choosing On4t MP4 to GIF is a smart choice. This tool makes it easy to turn your MP4 videos into fun animated GIFs. You don’t need to be a tech expert. Just upload your video, and the tool does the rest.

On4t MP4 to GIF works fast. You get your GIFs quickly, and they look great. It’s perfect for sharing on social media or with friends. Plus, the tool is free to use.

If you wonder, How to Convert Mp4 Into Animated GIF? On4t MP4 to GIF is the answer. It’s simple, quick, and fun. Give it a try and see how easy it is!

Step-by-Step Guide to Converting MP4 to GIF

  1. Open On4t MP4 to GIF Tool
  2. Upload Your MP4 File
  3. Trim Your Video
  4. Adjust Settings
  5. Convert the Video
  6. Download Your GIF

Benefits of On4t MP4 to GIF?

On4t MP4 to GIF is a great tool. It helps you change your MP4 videos into fun GIFs. You can share these GIFs with your friends. It is very easy to use.

This tool is fast. You don’t have to wait long. You can quickly convert your MP4 files. It is simple and quick.

Do you know how to convert MP4 into animated GIF? With On4t MP4 to GIF, it is so easy. Just upload your video and click a button. Now you have a GIF! Try it and see how fun it is.


What software can I use to convert MP4 to GIF?

You can use various online tools and software to convert MP4 videos to GIFs easily.

Is it free to convert MP4 to GIF?

Yes, many online tools offer free MP4 to GIF conversion with basic features.

Will converting MP4 to GIF affect quality?

The quality of the GIF may slightly reduce compared to the MP4, but most tools optimize it well.

How long does it take to convert MP4 to GIF?

The conversion usually takes just a few minutes, depending on the file size and tool used.


Changing an MP4 into an animated GIF is easy and fun. First, you pick a video you like. Next, you use a tool to change it into a GIF. These tools are simple and quick to use.

Creating GIFs is a great way to share fun moments with friends. Try it out and see how much fun it can be! You can make short, looping clips from your favorite videos and share them everywhere. Enjoy making your own GIFs and showing them off!

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