Miss Fortune Series In Order

Miss Fortune Series In Order refers to the popular book series authored by Jana DeLeon, featuring the adventures of the witty and resourceful amateur sleuth, Miss Fortune. Set in the fictional town of Sinful, Louisiana, the series follows Miss Fortune as she navigates through quirky characters, hilarious situations, and intriguing mysteries.

In this article, we will discuss the chronological order of the Miss Fortune series, providing readers with a guide to enjoy the escapades of Miss Fortune in the correct sequence.

Understanding Miss Fortune Series

The Miss Fortune Mystery series is a popular collection of novels written by Jana DeLeon. The series is set in the small, fictional town of Sinful, Louisiana, and is known for its blend of humor, mystery, and Southern charm. The protagonist, Fortune Redding, is a CIA assassin in hiding, who finds herself posing as a former beauty queen turned librarian in Sinful to escape a price on her head from an arms dealer.

Here’s a breakdown to help you understand the appeal and key elements of the series:


  • Fortune Redding: The central character, who under the threat to her life, is forced to lay low in Sinful. Her attempts to blend in and navigate small-town life lead to many humorous and suspenseful situations.
  • Ida Belle and Gertie: Two senior citizens who are not what they seem. They are former spies with a wealth of experience and skills, which they use to help Fortune solve various mysteries that arise. They also become Fortune’s close friends and accomplices.
  • Carter LeBlanc: The local deputy and romantic interest for Fortune. His relationship with Fortune adds a layer of complexity, as she must keep her true identity a secret from him.

Themes and Tone

  • Mystery and Adventure: Each book in the series involves a new mystery or case that Fortune and her friends must solve, often involving crime, espionage, and thrilling chases.
  • Humor: The series is noted for its witty dialogue, comedic situations, and the absurdity of a CIA assassin trying to fit into a quirky small town.
  • Southern Charm: The setting of Sinful, Louisiana, is rich with Southern culture, from the dialect to the food, adding a unique flavor to the series.
  • Community and Friendship: A recurring theme is the importance of friendship and community. Despite her initial intentions to keep a low profile, Fortune develops deep bonds with the residents of Sinful.

Reading Order

The series should ideally be read in order to follow the progression of Fortune’s story, her relationship with the townsfolk, and the evolution of her character. Starting with the first book, “Louisiana Longshot,” introduces readers to the characters and setting, and each subsequent novel builds on the story.


The Miss Fortune series appeals to readers who enjoy cozy mysteries with strong female protagonists, a good sense of humor, and a touch of romance. It’s particularly appealing to those who like their mystery series to come with a side of laughter and a warm-hearted community setting.

Jana DeLeon has created a world in Sinful, Louisiana, that’s both escapism and entertainment, blending suspenseful storytelling with lighthearted moments and a cast of characters that readers can’t help but love.

Complete Miss Fortune Series In Order

  • Louisiana Longshot (2012)
  • Lethal Bayou Beauty (2013)
  • Swamp Sniper (2013)
  • Swamp Team 3 (2014)
  • Gator Bait (2014)
  • Soldiers of Fortune (2015)
  • Hurricane Force (2015)
  • Fortune Hunter (2016)
  • Later Gator (2016)
  • Hook, Line and Blinker (2017)
  • Change of Fortune (2018)
  • Reel of Fortune (2018)
  • Swamp Spook (2018)
  • Fortune Furlough (2019)
  • Cajun Fried Felony (2019)
  • Swamp Santa (2019)
  • Bullets and Beads (2020)
  • Gators and Garters (2020)
  • Fortune Funhouse (2021)
  • Frightfully Fortune (2021)
  • Swamp Sweets (2021)
  • Flame and Fortune (2022)
  • Swamp Spirits (2022)
  • Clue Krewe (2023)
  • Fortune Teller (2023)


What is the Miss Fortune Series about?

The Miss Fortune Series is a collection of mystery novels set in the small town of Sinful, Louisiana. It follows the adventures of Fortune Redding, a CIA operative turned unlikely amateur sleuth, as she navigates through quirky characters and humorous situations to solve crimes.

Who is the main character in the Miss Fortune Series?

Fortune Redding is the protagonist of the Miss Fortune Series. A former CIA assassin, she finds herself hiding out in Sinful, Louisiana, under the guise of a librarian. Her sharp wit and resourcefulness make her a compelling lead character as she unravels mysteries in the town.

What makes the Miss Fortune Series unique?

The Miss Fortune Series stands out for its blend of mystery, humor, and Southern charm. The witty banter between characters, eccentric personalities, and unexpected plot twists keep readers engaged and entertained throughout each installment.

How many books are in the Miss Fortune Series?

As of the latest count, the Miss Fortune Series consists of over a dozen books, with more still being added. The series offers a delightful escape into the world of Sinful, Louisiana, with each book delivering a fresh mystery for Fortune and her friends to solve.


The Miss Fortune series takes readers on thrilling adventures with memorable characters and gripping plots. Each book builds on the last, creating a rich and entertaining journey through mystery and humor. 

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