Love Comes Softly Series In Order

The “Love Comes Softly” series, authored by Janette Oke, follows the captivating tales of love, faith, and resilience set in the pioneer era of America. The series beautifully weaves together heartwarming stories of romance amidst the challenges of frontier life.

In this article, we will discuss the chronological order of the “Love Comes Softly” series, providing readers with a guide to enjoy these beloved novels in the intended sequence.

Understanding Love Comes Softly Series

The “Love Comes Softly” series is a collection of Christian historical fiction novels written by Janette Oke. The series, which began in 1979 with the publication of the first book titled “Love Comes Softly,” has become a beloved set of stories that explore themes of love, faith, and resilience across generations of families in the American West during the 19th century. Here’s a brief overview to help you understand the series better:

Key Themes and Setting

  • Love and Faith: Central to the series is the exploration of love—not just romantic love, but also love within families and communities. Faith plays a crucial role in the characters’ lives, guiding them through challenges and shaping their relationships.
  • Historical Setting: The stories are set against the backdrop of the American frontier, offering a glimpse into the lives of early settlers who faced hardships such as harsh weather, disease, and scarcity of resources. This setting serves as a backdrop for the characters’ development and the challenges they overcome.
  • Resilience and Hope: Characters in the series often face significant adversity, but their resilience, fueled by faith and love, helps them navigate these challenges. The stories are uplifting, focusing on hope and the strength found in community and belief.

Books and Characters

The series consists of multiple books that follow the lives of different members of the same family lineage, starting with Marty and Clark Davis in the first novel. As the series progresses, readers see their family grow and evolve, with subsequent books focusing on their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.


The popularity of the “Love Comes Softly” series led to its adaptation into a successful series of television movies. These movies, while inspired by the books, often take creative liberties with the plots and characters, but they still retain the core themes of love, faith, and perseverance that fans of the books appreciate.

Why Read the Series

  • Inspirational Stories: The series offers heartwarming tales that emphasize the power of faith and love to overcome adversity.
  • Historical Insight: Through its detailed setting and character experiences, the series provides insight into life on the American frontier.
  • Family Saga: Readers who enjoy following characters through different stages of life and across generations will find the series particularly engaging.

Complete Love Comes Softly Series In Order

  • Love Comes Softly (2003)
  • Love’s Enduring Promise (2004)
  • Love’s Long Journey (2005)
  • Love’s Abiding Joy (2006)
  • Love’s Unending Legacy (2007)
  • Love’s Unfolding Dream (2007)
  • Love Takes Wing (2009)
  • Love Finds a Home (2009)

Love Comes Softly (2003): A young woman, Marty, becomes a widow and finds herself in the rugged West, where she reluctantly agrees to marry a widower, Clark, for practical reasons. Over time, their marriage grows into a bond of love and understanding.

Love’s Enduring Promise (2004): Marty and Clark face new challenges as they build their life together on the frontier, including struggles with illness and loss. Their faith and commitment to each other are tested, but they find strength in their enduring love.

Love’s Long Journey (2005): Marty’s journey continues as she faces the hardships of pioneer life, including separation from her husband and raising their children alone. Through perseverance and the support of friends, she remains steadfast in her love and devotion.

Love’s Abiding Joy (2006): Marty’s family grows, but so do their trials, as they face unexpected tragedies and obstacles. Yet, amidst the pain, they find joy and comfort in their unwavering love for each other and their faith in God.

Love’s Unending Legacy (2007): As Marty’s daughter Missie comes of age, she discovers the complexities of love and life on the frontier. With the guidance of her parents and her own strength, she navigates challenges and finds her own path.

Love’s Unfolding Dream (2007): Missie faces new challenges as she pursues her dreams of becoming a doctor, while also finding love and starting a family of her own. Through it all, she learns the importance of faith, forgiveness, and perseverance.

Love Takes Wing (2009): Missie’s journey as a doctor takes her to a small frontier town where she faces prejudice and resistance. Yet, with compassion and determination, she earns the trust of the community and finds love where she least expects it.

Love Finds a Home (2009): Missie’s faith and resolve are tested as she confronts tragedy and loss while caring for her family and patients. Through it all, she finds solace in the enduring love and support of her husband and children.


What is the Love Comes Softly Series about?

The Love Comes Softly Series follows the heartwarming journey of a frontier family facing challenges, love, and faith in the American West.

How many books are in the Love Comes Softly Series?

There are 8 books in the Love Comes Softly Series, each portraying different stages of the Davis family’s life and the trials they endure.

Who is the author of the Love Comes Softly Series?

The Love Comes Softly Series is authored by Janette Oke, a prolific writer known for her inspirational Christian fiction novels.

Are there adaptations of the Love Comes Softly Series?

Yes, the Love Comes Softly Series has been adapted into a successful series of television films, bringing the beloved characters to life on screen.


The “Love Comes Softly” series captures the essence of love and resilience through its heartwarming stories. It guides readers on a journey of faith, family, and the unanticipated paths of life, showcasing the power of love to overcome challenges. 

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