Got Book Series In Order

Looking to dive into the “Game of Thrones” book series but not sure where to start? Getting the “Got Book Series In Order” is crucial for enjoying the epic fantasy journey penned by George R.R. Martin.

In this article, we will discuss how to navigate the vast world of Westeros and Essos by exploring the recommended reading order for the “Game of Thrones” books.

Understanding Got Book Series

The “Game of Thrones” book series, officially known as “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin, is a deeply complex and engaging high fantasy saga. It’s famed for its intricate plot lines, rich character development, and a world that’s vast and full of history. Here’s a brief overview to help you understand the series better:


The story is set primarily on the continents of Westeros and Essos. Westeros is divided into several regions, each ruled by a noble family, while Essos is a vast land with a variety of cultures and political structures. The world of “A Song of Ice and Fire” is characterized by its seasons, which can last for years, affecting the lives and politics of its inhabitants.

Main Plot

The series weaves together multiple plot lines, including the struggle for the Iron Throne, the looming threat of the supernatural Others (White Walkers) from beyond the Wall in the North, and the journey of Daenerys Targaryen to reclaim her family’s throne. It explores themes of power, loyalty, betrayal, and the gray areas of morality.

Books in the Series

As of my last update, the series comprises five published books, with two more planned. The books are:

  • A Game of Thrones (1996)
  • A Clash of Kings (1998)
  • A Storm of Swords (2000)
  • A Feast for Crows (2005)
  • A Dance with Dragons (2011)

The upcoming books are titled “The Winds of Winter” and “A Dream of Spring,” but their release dates have not been confirmed.

Style and Themes

Martin’s writing is known for its detailed character development, intricate plots, and a willingness to subvert traditional fantasy tropes. No character is safe from peril, regardless of their importance, which keeps readers on their toes. Themes of political intrigue, the nature of power, and the complexities of human nature are explored in depth.

Impact and Adaptations

The series has had a significant cultural impact, not least because of the highly successful HBO television adaptation, “Game of Thrones,” which aired from 2011 to 2019. While the TV show follows the books closely in its early seasons, it diverges in later ones, especially after surpassing the narrative of the published books.

Reading the Series

Diving into “A Song of Ice and Fire” is a commitment due to its dense storytelling and vast array of characters. Each chapter is told from the perspective of one of the many characters, providing a multifaceted view of the story’s events. Newcomers should be prepared for a world with its own detailed history, cultures, and languages, as well as a story that unfolds with deliberate pacing and complexity.

Complete Got Book Series In Order

  • Bantam Fire & Blood
  • Bantam Fire & Blood
  • Bantam A Game of Thrones (Book 1)
  • Bantam A Game of Thrones (Book 1)
  • Bantam A Clash of Kings (Book 2)
  • Bantam A Clash of Kings (Book 2)
  • Bantam A Storm of Swords (Book 3)
  • Bantam A Storm of Swords (Book 3)
  • Bantam A Feast for Crows (Book 4)
  • Bantam A Feast for Crows (Book 4)
  • Bantam A Dance with Dragons (Book 5)
  • Bantam A Dance with Dragons (Book 5)
  • The Winds of Winter (Book 6)

“Bantam Fire & Blood” is a historical fantasy novel written by George R.R. Martin. It delves into the history of the Targaryen dynasty, focusing on their conquest of Westeros and the subsequent reign of various Targaryen kings. It provides insight into the politics, intrigue, and conflicts that shaped the Seven Kingdoms before the events of “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

“Bantam A Game of Thrones (Book 1)” is the first installment in the epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. It introduces readers to the intricate and brutal world of Westeros, where noble families vie for power and control of the Iron Throne. The story follows various characters as they navigate political intrigue, betrayal, and the looming threat of supernatural forces beyond the Wall.

“Bantam A Clash of Kings (Book 2)” continues the saga of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” delving deeper into the power struggles and conflicts raging across Westeros. As the War of the Five Kings escalates, alliances shift, betrayals occur, and new players enter the fray, further complicating the already tumultuous political landscape.

“Bantam A Storm of Swords (Book 3)” is a pivotal installment in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, marked by shocking twists, devastating betrayals, and epic battles. The War of the Five Kings reaches its climax, while new threats emerge from both within and beyond the Seven Kingdoms. The fate of beloved characters hangs in the balance as the struggle for power intensifies.

“Bantam A Feast for Crows (Book 4)” diverges from the traditional narrative structure of the previous books, focusing primarily on events unfolding in the aftermath of the War of the Five Kings. As the realm grapples with the consequences of war and political upheaval, new players rise to prominence, and old alliances are tested. Intrigue and uncertainty abound as the fate of Westeros hangs in the balance.

“Bantam A Dance with Dragons (Book 5)” picks up where “A Feast for Crows” left off, continuing the sprawling narrative of “A Song of Ice and Fire.” As various factions vie for power and survival, the threat of the Others looms ever closer. Meanwhile, across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen struggles to maintain control of her dragons and navigate the complexities of ruling in Meereen.

“The Winds of Winter (Book 6)” is the highly anticipated upcoming installment in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R.R. Martin. While details about the plot remain scarce, fans eagerly await resolution to numerous cliffhangers and the continuation of the epic saga. Martin has promised to deliver shocking twists, unexpected alliances, and riveting conflicts as the series approaches its conclusion.


What is the “Game of Thrones” book series about?

The “Game of Thrones” book series, written by George R.R. Martin, is a fantasy epic set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. It follows the power struggles among noble families as they vie for control of the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms.

How many books are in the “Game of Thrones” series?

The series consists of five published books: “A Game of Thrones,” “A Clash of Kings,” “A Storm of Swords,” “A Feast for Crows,” and “A Dance with Dragons.” Additionally, two more books, “The Winds of Winter” and “A Dream of Spring,” are planned.

How does the book series differ from the TV show?

While the TV show “Game of Thrones” is based on the book series, there are significant differences, especially in later seasons. Characters, plotlines, and even outcomes may vary between the two mediums. The books offer more detailed character backgrounds and subplots.

Are the “Game of Thrones” books suitable for all readers?

The series is known for its complex characters, intricate political intrigue, and mature themes, including violence, sexuality, and betrayal. As such, it’s recommended for mature readers who enjoy epic fantasy with nuanced storytelling.


Wrapping up, the Got Book Series takes readers on an epic journey through its well-crafted narrative and complex characters. It’s a must-read for fans of fantasy and adventure, offering a rich experience that’s both engaging and thought-provoking.

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