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Getwoord Review & Alternative Tool 2023

getwoord review & alternative tool 2023

The advancement in artificial intelligence has altered the patterns of performing critical jobs with ease. Transforming text to voice has been a challenge for a long period. People with visual impairment or dyslexia were always in search of some way to overcome their deficiencies and improve their learning experience. AI text-to-speech online has provided all such individuals an easy way to counter all limitations and listen to any written content easily. 

Using advanced online text-to-speech technology, users can easily convert any text-to-audio that allows people with visual impairment to listen to it without acquiring anyone's assistance.

Getwoord is a famous name when it comes to free text-to-speech online. This advanced utility is popular for giving quality text-to-voice conversion results. This ai voice generator allows people to generate natural-sounding voiceovers that are indistinguishable from the human voice.

In this blog post, we will review the working of the Getwoord text-to-speech tool and determine how it can help generate quality voiceovers. So, let's begin without any further ado!

GetWoord Review

Getwoord is a cloud-based text-to-speech online utility that allows users to create AI voiceovers. This tool offers free sign-up to its users. Just like the majority of online TTS facilities, this online utility also offers a free version besides a premium plan to its users. In its free plan, users are allowed to render only up to 20000 characters per month. They have to opt for a premium plan to increase the limit and enjoy other features of this utility.

Getwoord gained popularity because of unique features that enable users to upload images and documents. The GetWoord Text to Speech online also has a Chrome extension. Users can also integrate its API within their products if they go for a premium plan that also offers them to embed generated audio on their online platforms. Moreover, this text-to-voice generator comes with pre-generated voiceover audio files that are almost useless for most users. These premade voices are majorly used only for listening to voice samples.

Here are a few major benefits of using the Getwoord TTS tool.


Optical Character Recognition: This online text-to-speech tool offers OCR features that allow you to upload pictures and transform them into audio files. Users can also upload their documents of various types such as pdf, txt, doc, pages, etc.

Chrome Extension: The Chrome extension offered by Getwoord helps its users to enhance their productivity, especially if they are reading online. This also enables them to transform written text to speech voices because many of us find listening to audio much easier rather reading a lengthy text file.  

API Access: This Text to voice generator also offers API only to its premium users. But, they can use it only for limited files, 50audio/month (Basic $24.99/month plan). In the Pro ($99/month), the limit is 100audio/month, which is quite expensive.


Expensive Plans: The super expensive plans of Getwoord often make it impossible for many individuals to access this utility.

Limited languages: Another big drawback of this online Text-to-speech tool is that it supports only 50 languages which is extremely unfair for the users who paid a huge amount to pay for its premium plan. Besides, the tool doesn't mention the languages that you can get. This makes this facility less useful than other TTS tools like On4 T's text-to-voice tool, which has more than 70 languages and countless accents.

Low-Quality Sounds: The voice generated from this utility seems unnatural. You can compare the voices generated with this facility with On4 t's text-to-speech voice samples. You can easily find out a major difference in the quality of sounds in both tools. 

Perfect Alternative to Getwoord: Online On4t Text-to-Speech Online tool

On4t TTS tool is certainly a remarkable option that you can use as an alternative to Getwoord. This online facility has more advanced features than Woord. Also, the tool has highly reasonable pricing plans that enable everyone to afford it without hammering their budget.

Prominent Features

· Unlimited Converts

· Supports up to 70 languages

· 500+ Voices

· Commercial license

· Background voiceover library

· Advanced customization features 

Sample Voices


On4T's tool is a highly advanced text-to-audio tool that offers you the best ai voice generator with quick and high-quality voiceover output. This online platform has a super-friendly interface that allows novices to create quality voiceovers without facing any hurdles. Moreover, the utility supports more than 70 languages that allow users to convert text to audio in different languages according to their desires. Additionally, the tool offers a variety of expressions, including anger, happiness, worry, sadness, etc. You can also adjust the voiceover's tone, volume, and accent easily using this utility's customization features.

These unique features make this facility perfect for visually impaired people; also, anyone who desires to generate quality voiceover for their video content should give it a try. This utility provides natural-sounding voiceovers that will surely make your video content engaging and appealing to the audience.

Bottom Line

Getwoord is an ai voice generator that enables users to generate quality voiceovers for their video content. Also, this tool is used by people with dyslexia to listen to any textual content easily. However, the expensive pricing plans and a limited number of features make this utility less advantageous than On4t's ai voice generator. 

The ON4t's TTS is a highly advanced AI tool that offers human-sounding voiceovers in different languages and accents without requiring any technical skills. This tool's pricing plans are also affordable compared to Getwoord, making it a better option. With this online facility, you can generate quality audiobooks and background voiceovers for promotional, informative, educational, and many other types of video content effectively.

We hope this blog post has helped you compare both tools and lead you to make a better selection effectively.