100 Funny Names For A Golf Team

Picking a funny name for your golf team can be a great way to add some extra fun to your game. These names often bring laughter and lighten the mood, making the sport more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

In this article, we will discuss some creative and funny names for golf teams. We’ll explore a variety of names that you can use or that can inspire you to come up with your own unique and amusing team name.

50 Funny Names For A Golf Team

Sure, here are 50 funny names for a golf team:

1. The Hole-in-Fun Club

2. Bogey Bunch

3. Par-Tee Animals

4. Putt Pirates

5. Swing and a Miss

6. Fairway to Heaven

7. Putterly Ridiculous

8. The Sandbaggers

9. Tee-Rexes

10. Club Hoppers

11. The Ball Whackers

12. Fore Play Gang

13. Divot Diggers

14. The Green Gobblers

15. The Caddyshack Crew

16. Rough Riders

17. The Slicers and Dicers

18. The Golf Geeks

19. Birdie Brigade

20. The Albatrosses

21. The Golfaholics

22. The Mulligan Masters

23. Bogey Breakers

24. Par-ty Animals

25. The Bunker Bunnies

26. Fairway Ninjas

27. The Putter Nutters

28. The Duff Duffers

29. The Clubhouse Comedians

30. Grass Grazers

31. The Putter Snatchers

32. The Green Machine

33. Bogey Knights

34. Swingin’ Sensations

35. Hole Lotta Laughs

36. Par-don Me!

37. The Tee-rifics

38. Iron Maniacs

39. The Divot Doctors

40. Rough and Ready

41. The Birdie Bandits

42. The Slice is Right

43. The Golf Gurus

44. Cart Commandos

45. The Fairway Fairies

46. The Fore-ward Thinkers

47. The Golf Whisperers

48. The Ball Busters

49. Hole-In-Wonderland

50. The Greens Keepers

50 Funny Golf Team Names For Ladies

Certainly, here are 50 funny golf team names for ladies in bullet points:

1. The Birdie Babes

2. Swing Sisters

3. Tee-rific Divas

4. Fairway Foxes

5. Par-ty Animals

6. Hole in Fun

7. The Bogey Bunch

8. Putt Pirates

9. Divot Darlings

10. Chip ‘n’ Sip Crew

11. Lady Links Lunatics

12. Golf Giggles Gang

13. Caddyshack Cuties

14. Fore-Gettable Friends

15. Green Queens

16. The Iron Maidens

17. Putterly Hilarious

18. On the Green Machines

19. Clubhouse Comedians

20. Birdie Blasters

21. The Rough Riders

22. Bunker Babes

23. Fairway to Heaven

24. Swing and a Misses

25. Par-tee Planners

26. Hole-y Moly!

27. Tee Totalers

28. Diva Drivers

29. Chipper Chicks

30. Lady Luck Putters

31. The Water Hazard Wonders

32. Grip It and Sip It

33. Golf Goddesses

34. The Tee-rrible Twosome

35. Sand Trap Sweeties

36. Mulligan Mavens

37. Putt Putt Posse

38. Slice of Heaven

39. Green Machine Gals

40. Birdie Brigade

41. The Bogey Buffoons

42. Swingin’ Sisters

43. The Fore-nicators

44. Caddy Queens

45. Par-tee Animals

46. Lady Luck Swingers

47. Divot Dames

48. Bogey Busters

49. Putt-tastic Pals

50. Greens Gurus

These fun and playful team names can add a touch of humor to your ladies’ golf team and make your rounds on the course even more enjoyable.


What are some creative and humorous names for a golf team?

Consider names like “The Fore-fathers,” “Hole-in-Fun Crew,” “The Birdie Bandits,” or “Swingin’ Ninjas.” These names blend golf terminology with a playful spirit, making them memorable and fun for your team.

How do I choose a funny name that’s appropriate for all team members?

Focus on light-hearted, universal humor that relates to golf. Avoid inside jokes or references that might be misunderstood. Names like “Putt Pirates,” “Fairway Fanatics,” or “The Bogey Men” are fun yet inclusive.

Can a funny golf team name also be competitive-sounding?

Absolutely! Choose names that have a playful edge but also imply skill, such as “The Eagle Has Landed,” “Masters of the Green,” or “The Albatross Aces.” These names are both humorous and assertive.

Should our golf team name reflect our skill level or experience?

It’s not necessary, but it can add to the fun. If you’re a beginner, names like “The Happy Hookers” or “Rough Riders” can add humor to the learning curve. For seasoned players, names like “Green Warriors” or “The Perfectionists” can reflect your expertise.


Choosing the right name for a golf team can add an element of fun and camaraderie to the game. From playful to witty, the 100 names listed provide a range of options to suit any team’s personality.

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