Fun Jungle Series In Order

A fun jungle series in order refers to a collection of entertaining stories or TV shows set in the jungle, typically featuring adventures, wildlife, and colorful characters. These series often captivate audiences with their exciting plots, humor, and exploration of the natural world, making them popular among both children and adults alike.

In this article, we will discuss the appeal and charm of fun jungle series, exploring their enduring popularity and the elements that make them so enjoyable for viewers of all ages. We’ll also delve into some notable examples of these series and their impact on popular culture.

Understanding Fun Jungle series

The “FunJungle” series is a popular set of middle-grade novels written by Stuart Gibbs. These books are a hit for their humor, adventure, and the engaging way they introduce readers to environmental and animal conservation issues.

The series is centered around Theodore “Teddy” Fitzroy, a young boy who lives in a fictional zoo called FunJungle, located in Texas. Teddy’s unique living situation, along with his keen observational skills and knack for trouble, puts him in the perfect position to solve mysteries involving the animals and the zoo itself.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes the “FunJungle” series stand out:

  • Engaging Mysteries: Each book revolves around a mystery that Teddy must solve, often involving endangered animals, poaching, theft, and other crimes. These mysteries are not only engaging but also educate readers about serious issues in a manner that’s accessible and entertaining.
  • Environmental and Animal Conservation: Through the adventures, the series highlights the importance of conservation, the threats faced by wildlife, and the efforts needed to protect animals and their habitats. It encourages young readers to think about their relationship with the natural world.
  • Humor: Despite dealing with some serious topics, the series is infused with humor. Teddy’s observations and the situations he finds himself in often lead to laugh-out-loud moments, making the books a fun read for kids (and adults).
  • Relatable Characters: Teddy is a relatable protagonist who experiences the same ups and downs as many kids his age, from friendships and rivalries to dealing with bullies. The series also features a cast of memorable characters, including Teddy’s friends and the quirky staff of FunJungle.
  • Educational Value: Beyond just the entertainment factor, readers learn a lot about animals, biology, and the environment. Gibbs includes fascinating animal facts and discusses real-world conservation issues, all woven seamlessly into the narrative.
  • Series Growth: As the series progresses, readers get to see Teddy grow and evolve, tackling more complex mysteries and facing bigger challenges. This development keeps the series fresh and interesting for returning readers.

Overall, the “FunJungle” series is a fantastic blend of mystery, humor, and education, making it a great choice for young readers interested in animals, conservation, and adventure. It’s an excellent way to engage with important topics while enjoying some thrilling stories.


  • Belly Up (2010)
  • Poached (2014)
  • Big Game (2015)
  • Panda-monium (2017)
  • Lion Down (2019)
  • Tyrannosaurus Wrecks (2020)
  • Bear Bottom (2021)
  • Whale Done (2023)


What is the “Fun Jungle” series about?

The “Fun Jungle” series is a collection of children’s books written by Stuart Gibbs. Set in a fictional zoo called Fun Jungle, the series follows exciting adventures involving animals, mysteries, and plenty of humor.

How many books are in the “Fun Jungle” series?

As of now, there are six books in the “Fun Jungle” series. The titles include “Belly Up,” “Poached,” “Big Game,” “Panda-Monium,” “Lion Down,” and “Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.”

Who is the target audience for the “Fun Jungle” series?

The target audience for the “Fun Jungle” series is primarily children and young readers, typically ranging from around 8 to 12 years old. However, readers of all ages who enjoy adventure, humor, and animal stories may also appreciate these books.

What makes the “Fun Jungle” series unique?

The “Fun Jungle” series stands out for its combination of thrilling adventures, quirky characters, and fascinating insights into the world of zoos and wildlife conservation. Stuart Gibbs’ engaging writing style and clever plot twists keep readers entertained from start to finish.


To sum up, the fun jungle series offers an exciting adventure for children, fostering imagination and learning about wildlife. It promotes curiosity and environmental awareness through engaging storytelling.

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