David Baldacci Series In Order

David Baldacci series in order refers to the chronological sequence of novels penned by the renowned author David Baldacci. His gripping narratives span various genres, including mystery, thriller, and crime fiction, captivating readers with intricate plots and compelling characters.

In this article, we will discuss the chronological order of David Baldacci’s series, providing readers with a clear understanding of how to embark on their literary journey through his captivating storytelling.

Understanding David Baldacci series

David Baldacci is a prolific author known for his gripping thrillers and compelling series that often blend elements of mystery, crime, and action. His series are popular for their intricate plots, complex characters, and thrilling suspense. Here’s a brief overview of some of his most well-known series:

1. Camel Club Series

This series revolves around a group of four eccentric members led by a man named Oliver Stone. They are conspiracy theorists who investigate political conspiracies and national security. The series is notable for its exploration of themes of power, corruption, and justice.

2. King and Maxwell Series

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are both former Secret Service agents turned private investigators. This series combines elements of political intrigue with mystery and action, as the duo tackles cases that often have deep government ties and secrets.

3. Will Robie Series

Will Robie is a government assassin who eliminates enemies of the state. The series delves into Robie’s assignments and the moral dilemmas he faces as he starts to question his orders and the motives behind them. It’s a thrilling mix of espionage, action, and ethical questions.

4. Amos Decker Series

Amos Decker, also known as the “Memory Man,” is a former football player turned detective after a traumatic brain injury left him with a perfect memory. The series follows Decker as he solves complex cases using his unique memory abilities, dealing with themes of loss, redemption, and justice.

5. Atlee Pine Series

Atlee Pine is an FBI agent with a tragic past: her twin sister was kidnapped, and she was left behind. The series explores Pine’s personal quest for answers about her sister’s fate while she works on various assignments across the United States, often touching on themes of family, trauma, and resilience.

6. John Puller Series

John Puller is a military investigator in the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigative Division. His dedication to uncovering the truth and his military background bring him face to face with America’s most dangerous threats. The series is known for its military detail, thrilling action, and complex plots.

7. Aloysius Archer Series

Set in the post-World War II era, Aloysius Archer is a former soldier and convict trying to start fresh. The series follows his journey as he becomes entangled in investigations that take him across the booming American landscape of the 1950s, blending elements of mystery, historical fiction, and drama.

Baldacci’s series are known for their detailed research, plot twists, and well-developed characters. Each series, while unique in its setting and characters, carries Baldacci’s signature style of suspenseful storytelling that keeps readers hooked until the last page. Whether you’re into political thrillers, mysteries with a psychological edge, or action-packed adventures, there’s likely a David Baldacci series that will capture your interest.


  • Latest Standalone Novel by David Baldacci:
    • Simply Lies
  • Travis Devine Series Books in Order:
    • The 6:20 Man
    • The Edge
  • Amos Decker Series Books in Order:
    • Memory Man (2015)
    • The Last Mile (2016)
    • The Fix (2017)
    • The Fallen (2018)
    • Redemption (2019)
    • Walk the Wire (2020)
    • Long Shadows (2021)
  • Aloysius Archer Series Books in Order:
    • One Good Deed
  • Atlee Pine Series Books in Order:
    • Long Road to Mercy (2018)
    • A Minute to Midnight (2019)
    • Daylight (2020)
    • Mercy (2021)
  • Will Robie Series Books in Order:
    • The Innocent
    • The Hit
    • The Target
    • The Guilty
    • End Game
  • John Puller Series Books in Order:
    • Zero Day
    • The Forgotten
    • The Escape
    • No Man’s Land
  • King & Maxwell Series Books in Order:
    • Split Second
    • Hour Game
    • Simple Genius
    • First Family
    • The Sixth Man
    • King and Maxwell
  • Shaw and Katie James Series Books in Order:
    • The Whole Truth
    • Deliver Us From Evil
  • Camel Club Series Books in Order:
    • The Camel Club
    • The Collectors
    • Stone Cold
    • Divine Justice
    • Hell’s Corner
  • Vega Jane Series Books in Order:
    • Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery
    • Vega Jane and the Maze of Monsters
    • Vega Jane and the Rebels’ Revolt
    • Vega Jane and the End of Time
  • Standalone Novels by David Baldacci:
    • One Summer
    • True Blue
    • The Christmas Train
    • Last Man Standing
    • Wish You Well
    • Saving Faith
    • The Simple Truth
    • The Winner
    • Total Control
    • Absolute Power


What is the reading order for the David Baldacci series?

The reading order for David Baldacci series varies depending on the series. For the Camel Club series, start with “The Camel Club.” For the Will Robie series, begin with “The Innocent.” Researching the specific series you’re interested in will help you determine the correct order.

Are David Baldacci’s books standalone or do they need to be read in order?

While some of David Baldacci’s books are standalone novels, many of them are part of series featuring recurring characters. Reading them in order can provide a better understanding of character development and story arcs, but it’s not always necessary.

Which series by David Baldacci is the most popular?

One of David Baldacci’s most popular series is the Will Robie series, featuring a skilled assassin. It’s known for its gripping plots and intense action scenes. Another popular series is the Camel Club series, which follows a group of eccentric individuals involved in solving crimes and mysteries.

How can I find out more about David Baldacci’s upcoming releases?

To stay updated on David Baldacci’s upcoming releases, you can visit his official website or follow him on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Additionally, signing up for newsletters or alerts from online bookstores can notify you of new releases and preorder opportunities.


David Baldacci’s series should be read in order to fully appreciate the character development and intricate plotlines. Starting with “Absolute Power,” readers are introduced to the enigmatic character, followed by thrilling adventures in subsequent books.

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