Big Fat Quiz Guide: Your Simple Handbook for Fun

Get ready for many laughs as we unpack everything about the “Big Fat Quiz” in our super guide. Whether you are a quiz pro or new to the show, this article is your ticket to understanding all the fun of this hilarious TV favourite. 

We will show you how it works, share the best moments, and ensure you are ready to enjoy the craziness. Join us as we explain “The Big Fat Quiz,” and ensure you are prepared for all the jokes and clever stuff that make this quiz awesome. 

What Is The Big Fat Quiz?

“The Big Fat Quiz” is a fun TV show where comedians ask famous people funny questions about what happened in the year. It’s not like a regular quiz. It is way more silly and makes you laugh.

The host is a funny person, and the celebrities on the show answer questions about news and cool stuff that happened. It happens yearly, and people like it because it’s a funny way to remember what happened in the past year.

How Do You Prepare for the Big Fat Quiz?

Getting set for “The Big Fat Quiz” is a breeze, a simple recipe for an enjoyable time. Start by tuning into previous episodes to catch the show’s vibe and the questions. Keeping an eye on what is happening in pop culture and recalling significant events from the past year is critical.

That is where the questions usually land. If you plan to watch with pals or family, it turns into a little party, and the more, the merrier! Be ready for some unexpected and funny questions.

That is part of the charm. No need to stress; sit back, enjoy the humour, and go along with the host’s jokes. It is all about kicking back, having a blast, and testing your knowledge of what’s cool and trendy from the past year.

The Big Fat Quiz” is not severe; it’s a fun ride where laughter takes the lead. So, ditch any serious study vibes. Grab some snacks, get comfy, and let the show entertain you. With a host usually being a comedian, expect some light-hearted banter and witty remarks.

The show is designed for casual enjoyment, so there is no need to hit the books. Bring your sense of humour, and you are all set to dive into the amusing world of “The Big Fat Quiz.”

Exploring The Big Fat Quiz.

Checking out The Big Fat Quiz is like going on a funny journey where they ask excellent questions about what happened in the year. It is a fun TV show that makes people laugh and enjoy the quiz. Whether you watch it a lot or just started, you will have a good time with the jokes and the questions.

 So, explore The Big Fat Quiz, enjoy the funny moments, and learn some interesting stuff. It’s a happy show that mixes jokes with an excellent quiz, making it superb for anyone who likes to laugh and knows a bit about what’s popular.

Sample The Big Fat Quizzes

Celebrity Mashup

Combine the names of two famous people from recent events. For example, if we mix “Taylor Swift” and “Elon Musk,” what is the funny combined name?

Odd News Stories

True or false: Last year, a town in Japan hired ninjas to protect their watermelons from theft. Is this bizarre news story true or false?

Weird Product Names

Identify the actual product among fake ones. Which is a genuine product: a) Unicorn Tears Ice Cream, b) Dragon Breath Popcorn, or c) Pixie Dust Pancake Mix?

Caption This Celebrity Photo

Provide a humorous photo of a celebrity and ask participants to create the wittiest caption. The funniest caption gets bonus points!

Emoji Song Titles:

Represent popular songs using emojis. Can you guess the song based on these emojis: 🌞🏖️🍹?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s “The Big Fat Quiz” Show About?

The Big Fat Quiz is a funny TV quiz where famous people answer questions about what happened in the year. They joke around a lot and talk about cool stuff.

Can I Join “The Big Fat Quiz”?

Nope, only famous people get to be on the show. But you can still watch and play along with friends or family at home.

Is “The Big Fat Quiz” for Kids?

Nope, only famous people get to be on the show. But you can still watch and play along with friends or family at home.

When Does “The Big Fat Quiz” Come On?

It is on once a year, usually at the end. But check your TV schedule to know exactly when it’s happening.


In conclusion, look at “The Big Fat Quiz,” it’s clear that this TV show brings lots of laughs and fun games to people. The show is about making jokes, playing games, and discussing what happened during the year.

This article covers complete information on the fat quiz. As viewers, we can see that the show turns serious news into something funny and enjoyable. The questions are made to be silly and fun, making it easy for everyone to have a good time.

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