Best 8 Online Speech Synthesizers

Online speech synthesizers are tools that convert text into spoken words using the internet. They’re super helpful for people who need to hear text instead of reading it. These tools are used in various ways, like helping those who have trouble reading or are visually impaired.

In this article, we will discuss how online speech synthesizers work, their benefits, and some common uses. You’ll get to know about different types and what makes them useful in everyday life. We’ll keep it simple and easy to understand.

Understanding Speech Synthesis Technology

Speech synthesis technology is about making computers talk like humans. It’s used in online speech synthesizers, which are tools on the internet that can read text out loud. This technology is great for helping people who have trouble reading or seeing.

To make speech, these synthesizers analyze the text and then use rules to sound like human speech. They look at how words are pronounced and put them together in a natural way. This is how we hear spoken words from a computer or phone.

These online tools are handy for reading websites, books, or any text. They make life easier for many people, especially those who need audio support to understand written content.

Review of Top 8 Speech Synthesizers for Voice Acting

On4t Online speech synthesizer

On4t TTS, a leading online speech synthesizer, offers over 140 languages and accents. This makes it ideal for voice acting, providing a wide range of options. It’s great for projects that need diverse voices.

The tool boasts more than 500 AI voices. This variety helps in creating realistic and varied voiceovers. On4t TTS stands out among online speech synthesizers for its extensive voice options.

Google Text-to-Speech

Cloud Google Text-to-Speech is one of the top online speech synthesizers in 2023. It stands out for its ease of use and wide range of voice options. This tool is great for voice acting because it offers clear and natural-sounding voices. 

It’s user-friendly and offers various voices, making it a top choice for anyone needing voice synthesis.


Speechify, as a leading online speech synthesizer, offers voice acting in over 30 languages. It can read various formats like web pages, PDFs, docs, and Microsoft Word files. This wide range makes it versatile for different uses.

Included among these 30 languages are Chinese, Arabic, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Hindi, and Ukrainian. This diversity makes Speechify ideal for global users who need a natural-sounding voice acting in multiple languages.


Acapela Group’s online speech synthesizers in 2023 are known for their wide language options and voice diversity, perfect for global projects. They upgraded Acapela Cloud with a better user experience and layout. Their service now includes real-time neural TTS voices based on VoiceAI. 

This technology, supported by a 20-year voice portfolio, enhances brand identity and customer interaction, making it a top choice for diverse voice acting needs.

Microsoft Azure

In 2023, Microsoft Azure’s speech synthesizers excel with lifelike voices that express various emotions. They provide custom AI voice creation, suitable for branding. Additionally, they support multiple languages, fitting global needs. 

Azure’s updates include over 50 new voices in its portfolio, catering to a wide range of dialects and languages, and their latest NaturalSpeech model closely mimics human speech quality​

Comparing Features and Performance of Top Speech Synthesizers

When comparing top online speech synthesizers like On4t, Google Text-to-Speech, Speechify, and Acapela, we focus on voice quality, ease of use, and customization. On4t stands out as the best among them. It’s known for its clear and natural voice, making it a top choice.

Ease of use 

Tools like On4t are user-friendly. They allow quick text-to-speech conversion, which is great for anyone, even if you’re not tech-savvy.


On4t offers various voice options and settings. This flexibility lets users tailor the output to their needs, making it a top pick among online speech synthesizers.

How Online Speech Synthesizers are Transforming Acting Industry

Online speech synthesizers are changing the acting industry in big ways. They let actors use digital voices, which can sound like anything from different accents to fictional characters. This means actors can play more diverse roles without needing to change their natural voice.

These synthesizers work by turning text into speech. This is great for animation or video games, where a variety of voices is needed. Actors can provide the emotion, and the synthesizer does the rest. It’s a quick, flexible way to create different voices.

So, online speech synthesizers are making acting more versatile. They’re opening up new possibilities for actors and changing how we think about voice roles. This technology is really expanding the acting world.


What is On4t text-to-speech, and how does it compare to other online synthesizers?

On4t text-to-speech is an online service that converts text into spoken audio. Compared to other synthesizers, it offers a natural-sounding voice and a variety of accents and languages.

Is On4t text-to-speech suitable for professional use?

Yes, On4t text-to-speech is a great choice for professional applications such as video narration, podcasts, and accessibility features due to its high-quality output.

What languages and accents are supported by On4t text-to-speech?

On4t supports a wide range of languages and accents, including English, Spanish, French, German, and many more, making it versatile for global users.

How is the pricing structure for On4t text-to-speech?

On4t offers both free and paid plans, with pricing tiers based on usage. You can choose a plan that suits your needs, whether you’re an individual or a business.


Online speech synthesizers turn text into spoken words. They help people who can’t speak or read. This technology is getting better and more realistic. It’s great for many things like reading books aloud, helping with language learning, or making gadgets talk. 

It’s a cool tool that changes how we interact with computers and the internet, making life easier for many.

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