200+ Best Chinese Name Ideas.

China is rich in culture and symbolism. They reflect the deep-rooted traditions and values. Also, they have a very ancient civilization. Selecting a name in Chinese culture is an art that involves sounds that appeal to the ear.

This article covers over 200 Chinese name Ideas that help you pick. We have collected those names with the consideration of their characters, pronunciation, and meaning.

There are many Chinese Name Generator tools available in the market as well, but finding the best name according to your wish might take some time. That’s why we have made it easy for you by listing them here.

Understanding Chinese Names

The Chinese names typically consist of one or two syllables. Also, each syllable presents a different concept or character. In Chinese names, Family names come first, followed by a given name. They choose names very carefully with consideration of pronunciation. Chinese names always have a cultural touch. Historical tales play a significant role in Chinese names. So, Chinese names are not only labels but also they are cultural identities.

List Of 100 Chinese Name Ideas

1. Li Wei (李伟)

2. Zhang Jie (张杰)

3. Chen Hao (陈浩)

4. Wang Lei (王磊)

5. Liu Jun (刘军)

6. Yang Ming (杨明)

7. Xu Yulong (徐宇龙)

8. Huang Bo (黄波)

9. Lin Qiang (林强)

10. Wu Xing (吴星)

11. Zhou Peng (周鹏)

12. Feng Wei (冯伟)

13. Zhao Yue (赵越)

14. Shen Tao (沈涛)

15. Jiang Hai (姜海)

16. Hu Jun (胡军)

17. Yu Chen (于晨)

18. Sun Wei (孙伟)

19. Tang Hao (唐浩)

20. Gao Feng (高峰)

21. Qian Long (钱龙)

22. Zhang Wei (张伟)

23. Liang Xin (梁欣)

24. Chen Kai (陈凯)

25. Wang Bin (王斌)

26. Liu Tao (刘涛)

27. Yang Lin (杨林)

28. Xu Zhong (徐忠)

29. Huang Xin (黄欣)

30. Lin Jian (林健)

31. Wu Zhi (吴志)

32. Zhou Yu (周宇)

33. Feng Gang (冯刚)

34. Zhao Lin (赵林)

35. Shen Yi (沈毅)

36. Jiang Feng (姜峰)

37. Hu Bo (胡波)

38. Yu Ming (余明)

39. Sun Zhi (孙志)

40. Tang Jie (唐杰)

41. Gao Lei (高雷)

42. Qian Wei (钱伟)

43. Zhang Yu (张宇)

44. Li Hao (李豪)

45. Chen Xin (陈欣)

46. Wang Feng (王峰)

47. Liu Bin (刘彬)

48. Yang Cheng (杨诚)

49. Xu Hao (徐浩)

50. Huang Wei (黄伟)

51. Lin Yu (林宇)

52. Wu Hao (吴豪)

53. Zhou Qing (周庆)

54. Feng Yu (冯宇)

55. Zhao Bo (赵波)

56. Shen Wei (沈伟)

57. Jiang Kun (姜坤)

58. Hu Yue (胡越)

59. Yu Hao (于豪)

60. Sun Lei (孙磊)

61. Tang Wei (唐伟)

62. Gao Xin (高欣)

63. Qian Hong (钱宏)

64. Zhang Bin (张斌)

65. Li Ming (李明)

66. Chen Dong (陈东)

67. Wang Yu (王宇)

68. Liu Yu (刘宇)

69. Yang Bo (杨波)

70. Xu Bin (徐斌)

71. Huang Lei (黄磊)

72. Lin Tao (林涛)

73. Wu Wei (吴伟)

74. Zhou Hao (周浩)

75. Feng Tao (冯涛)

76. Zhao Ming (赵明)

77. Shen Jie (沈杰)

78. Jiang Wei (姜伟)

79. Hu Ming (胡明)

80. Yu Zhen (余震)

81. Sun Xin (孙欣)

82. Tang Hao (唐浩)

83. Gao Yu (高宇)

84. Qian Feng (钱峰)

85. Zhang Hao (张豪)

86. Li Jun (李军)

87. Chen Hao (陈豪)

88. Wang Lei (王雷)

89. Liu Xin (刘欣)

90. Yang Qi (杨奇)

91. Xu Hao (徐昊)

92. Huang Jun (黄军)

93. Lin Wei (林伟)

94. Wu Bin (吴斌)

95. Zhou Yu (周雨)

96. Feng Chen (冯晨)

97. Zhao Xing (赵兴)

98. Shen Wei (沈伟)

99. Jiang Hao (姜浩)

100. Hu Chen (胡晨)

100 Female Chinese Name Ideas

1. Li Ying (李颖)

2. Zhang Mei (张美)

3. Chen Hui (陈慧)

4. Wang Xia (王霞)

5. Liu Yan (刘艳)

6. Yang Jia (杨嘉)

7. Xu Yulan (徐玉兰)

8. Huang Mei (黄梅)

9. Lin Fang (林芳)

10. Wu Xin (吴欣)

11. Zhou Jing (周静)

12. Feng Yue (冯月)

13. Zhao Ling (赵玲)

14. Shen Ying (沈颖)

15. Jiang Mei (姜梅)

16. Hu Min (胡敏)

17. Yu Juan (于娟)

18. Sun Ying (孙颖)

19. Tang Mei (唐美)

20. Gao Jie (高洁)

21. Qian Xia (钱霞)

22. Zhang Hui (张慧)

23. Li Xin (李欣)

24. Chen Xi (陈曦)

25. Wang Lan (王兰)

26. Liu Ting (刘婷)

27. Yang Ling (杨玲)

28. Xu Jing (徐静)

29. Huang Yujie (黄玉洁)

30. Lin Qiao (林巧)

31. Wu Juan (吴娟)

32. Zhou Yiting (周怡婷)

33. Feng Mei (冯梅)

34. Zhao Yue (赵悦)

35. Shen Yifei (沈怡菲)

36. Jiang Lan (姜岚)

37. Hu Yan (胡燕)

38. Yu Xin (于欣)

39. Sun Yujie (孙玉洁)

40. Tang Ling (唐玲)

41. Gao Xin (高欣)

42. Qian Jing (钱静)

43. Zhang Yan (张燕)

44. Li Hong (李红)

45. Chen Xiao (陈晓)

46. Wang Jing (王静)

47. Liu Yu (刘雨)

48. Yang Xinyi (杨心怡)

49. Xu Yan (徐艳)

50. Huang Xiaomei (黄小梅)

51. Lin Mei (林美)

52. Wu Hui (吴惠)

53. Zhou Yan (周艳)

54. Feng Jing (冯静)

55. Zhao Yu (赵宇)

56. Shen Qian (沈倩)

57. Jiang Hua (姜华)

58. Hu Ling (胡玲)

59. Yu Dan (于丹)

60. Sun Xiaoli (孙小丽)

61. Tang Jing (唐静)

62. Gao Mei (高梅)

63. Qian Mei (钱梅)

64. Zhang Hui (张慧)

65. Li Xinyi (李欣怡)

66. Chen Yan (陈艳)

67. Wang Fang (王芳)

68. Liu Ying (刘颖)

69. Yang Yujie (杨玉洁)

70. Xu Fang (徐芳)

71. Huang Xiaoxiao (黄小小)

72. Lin Yan (林艳)

73. Wu Yujie (吴玉洁)

74. Zhou Mei (周梅)

75. Feng Yan (冯艳)

76. Zhao Yujie (赵玉洁)

77. Shen Fang (沈芳)

78. Jiang Yujie (姜玉洁)

79. Hu Yan (胡艳)

80. Yu Jing (于静)

81. Sun Fang (孙芳)

82. Tang Yan (唐艳)

83. Gao Lan (高岚)

84. Qian Yan (钱艳)

85. Zhang Jing (张静)

86. Li Mei (李梅)

87. Chen Yujie (陈玉洁)

88. Wang Yan (王艳)

89. Liu Fang (刘芳)

90. Yang Mei (杨梅)

91. Xu Mei (徐梅)

92. Huang Yan (黄艳)

93. Lin Jing (林静)

94. Wu Yan (吴艳)

95. Zhou Mei (周美)

96. Feng Yujie (冯玉洁)

97. Zhao Lan (赵岚)

98. Shen Mei (沈梅)

99. Jiang Fang (姜芳)

100. Hu Mei (胡梅)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) :

How are Chinese names different From Western Names?

Chinese names typically consist of one or two syllables, with surname first and then their given name. Family name always carries and shows some cultural identity. They show their ancestral meaning. They also consist of natural elements and show historical references.

Why do Chinese names often have significant meanings?

In Chinese culture, they believe names influence a person’s identity, destiny, and character. Parents choose names very carefully, which can carry positive meanings with the hope of aspiration in their children.

How are Chinese names pronounced, and why is pronunciation important?

In China, Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language. The change of pitch or tone can change the whole meaning of the name. It has four primary tones and a neutral tone. Pronouncing names accurately is significant in Chinese names. Different tones can alter the meaning of a character. That is why paying attention to characters and correct pronunciation is essential in Chinese names.

Can Chinese names be unisex?

Absolutely, yes, Chinese names can be unisex. Although most of the names are associated with one gender, many names are versatile and can be used for both males and females. It is very common for siblings to share characters in their names to create a good connection.


As you see, Chinese names are not just labels. They carry cultural identity and reflect the aspirations and values of families. In this article, you can choose your favourite name from more than 200 Chinese names. Some points are essential to understanding the importance of good Chinese names. In the above article, there are some FAQs to answer your questions. So, pick a meaningful name that reflects the Chinese culture and narrative they created.

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