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Synthesia Alternative to Create AI Text-to-Speech Voices for Videos

synthesia alternative to create ai text-to-speech voices for videos

The advancement in artificial intelligence in recent times has proved a great support that makes human lives easier. With a modern AI voice generator, we can now easily handle crucial tasks like managing records, finding anything on the web, and helping in promoting our business with efficiency. But do you know that artificial intelligence also allows you to generate human-sounding Text-to-Speech Voices for your video content?

Yes! There are many AI-based text-to-voice utilities that enable you to convert written text into quality voice. Synthesia is a famous online Text-to-Speech tool that offers a high-quality voiceover generation facility to its users. But, this tool has many limitations that cause trouble while generating customized voiceovers. For instance, the built-in free-to-use avatar videos cannot be used for promotional purposes, and you have to opt for a premium subscription to create custom avatars. 

The pricing plans of this AI text-to-voice generator are remarkably high, which makes it challenging for individuals to afford it. This often leads people to look for a better alternative that enables them to create natural-sounding voiceovers easily.

If you are also in quest of an alternative way to generate quality Text-to-Speech Voices for your videos, then you are in the right spot. In this article, we will share a few powerful TTS tools that can serve you in making text-to-human videos. is a famous platform that is widely used to create human spokesperson videos. This tool is immensely powerful and has the ability to generate quality human voiceover videos, just like This facility offers many unique features that make it better than synthesis. The best part is that offers plans for enterprises as well. This doesn’t demand you to contact the customer service team for corporate pricing. Besides, the rates of this platform are cheaper than Synthesia, which makes it more suitable for startups. prefers B2B sales with big brands, as they worked with Cadbury, where Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was an avatar. So this allows you to replace your business name with the default business name used in the Shahrukh video. Furthermore, the video editor of this facility is more advanced than Synthesia, which allows you to make complex videos incorporating a lot of media without facing any convolutions. 

Human Synthesis Studio

This is another AI video maker tool that allows you to generate AI-supported spokesperson videos. The tool can be used as an alternative to Synthesia, but it’s not recommended, especially if you desire high-quality results. Human Synthesis Studio is launched on the market. Therefore, it doesn’t accept any considerable updates from the team.   

On4T’s Text-to-Speech Online

Individuals who are looking for an AI-powered text-to-voice generator that allows them to generate appealing and engaging voiceovers for their videos. This facility is based on advanced algorithms that are capable of converting textual data into attractive sound that will surely captivate its audience. 

This online Text-to-Speech tool has more than 70 languages with different accents, giving you an opportunity to generate quality voiceovers in multiple languages. Besides, the advanced customization features also support its users to personalize their voiceover as per their preferences. 

Sample VoiceOvers:

The major reason for the massive popularity of this famous web-based Text-To-Audio tool is its affordable pricing plans. There are 3 subscription plans offered on this online text-to-speech generator. Users can choose any of the plans that they find most suitable for their needs.




  • Up to 100 Text-to-Speech online conversion

  • 70 languages

  • 500+ Voices




  • Up to 200 conversion

  • 70 languages

  • 500+ Voices




  • Unlimited text-to-audio conversion

  • 70 languages

  • 500+ Voices 

Final Words

The internet is flooded with Text-to-Speech online tools that help you generate quality voiceovers for videos or create AI videos, except for the utilities shared in this blog. However, the tools we suggested above are appreciated by thousands of people. In case you want to convert text into speech that enables people with visual impairment to listen to any text easily, you should give a try to On4T’s ai voice generator.

We hope this article has helped you in finding alternatives for Synthesia to generate quality AI voices or Text to Speech Voices for your video content.